I am so glad to be home from my trip safe and sound. I have been back since Wednesday night and have been busy downloadiing and installing new stuff for my computer that I did not write anythinig until now. I got nice gifts from my parents for Christmas. I was having a lot of fun playing, lol. Has anyone here at Dear Diary hear of Firefox and Thunderbird? If not, I personally think you should take a look at Mozilla Firefox is a web browser and Thunderbird is an e-mail program. Both program are free and do not take up a lot of room on computers. Get this…I personally thought that MS Office 2003 would take up a lot of room on my computer but it only took only a little bit! I really think computers are amazing machines. Now that I have MS Office on my computer I can actually send documents and creations to others who have Word and Powerpoint. I did not have MS Word on my computer since the day I got the computer — only MS Works! Comparing the two programs, liking MS Works somewhat, MS Word is tons better, lol