I Have Been Thinking! Oh No! LOL

Yesterday, before leaving to meet friends at Deli Doghouse (a restaurant), I was talking to my surrogate mother about computer viruses and hackers, and the fact that both of us knowing of someone who had gotten a virus on their computer just drove us to a fifteen minute conversation. My surrogate Mom, in her 70s would never rely on computers and such in her home for reasons as such people finding ways to get into your personal life and so forth. She even talked about me spilling my guts out on the internet for the whole world to see as well. I didn’t take offend to her words or anything because she is definitely right when it comes to Satan attacking and being the biggest bully I have ever known in my life outside those kids who teased me at school constantly while growing up. When she asked me how and why I would spill my guts on the internet for the world to see, I thought about how I should be in my writing. I do need to be more careful these days. Computers can act like big brother these days. The fact the President of the United States wants every home to have a computer…that is good in my way of thinking but it can be not so good as well. The “big brother” thought comes to mind constantly. I am not into politics but I will vote for the person I feel comfortable for discreetly and quietly. I have some time to think about it now with voting day coming up in a few days from now. I registered abouot three weeks ago.

I personally think I need to write more later. I feel I have walked in circles here tonight at an early hour of the night. I am tired as usual. I think I will take it easy for the rest of the night. No one here take into stock what was written here just yet. I need to finish my thoughts later. bye for now.

It is 7:30 p.m. now. my day is now over and a new day will soon begin for me in several hours. I am not going anywhere tonight. i am safe and snug in my place at the darkened hour of the evening listening to a Chipmunk’s cartoon that is on the Disney channel. Nothing on television anymore these days I guess, lol. Who cares anyway. I have been chatting with friends, talking on the phone, and reading all day long. I finally finished reading Nora Roberts Novel “The Three Fates”, and believe me, if you like Nora Roberts, which I particularly don’t like her words she uses (swearing), it was a good book. I finsihed it today and now I am going to read my newest, from my collection of Mary Higgins Clark, Daddy’s Little Girl, later but NOT tonight. It is getting late now. I did, before buying the book, read the back cover and tonight I read the first three paragraphs and noticed that I would really enjoy the new book a lot. Now, I like Mary Higgins Clark books a lot! She is a good writer for sure. At least for me she is.