My Weird Day In the Afternoon

I personally think that RR, my ex-boyfriend is being a jerk again. Believe me, today being that I am no longer fond of him or care about him anymore, I have not even spared a few words of language that is not like me. In fact, I have found out myself that swearing is such a harsh thing for me that when I do swear…it is because I am angry and upset. I have to not deny my attitude and my words.

Short and Sweet

Sabbath is soon to arrive and I have had the dishes done a while ago. I am ready for this Sabbath, too. I will be going to church in the morning with my ride PK. I really do not have a lot to say right now, either. It has been one of those weird kind of days for me, lol. I wish I could explain but I really can’t except for the fact that I had a hunger for doritos and peanut M & m’s today. Polished on bag of doritos and the bag of m & m’s, and have one bag of doritos to eat yet. The doritos were on sale for 2 for $5 today. I grabbed two bags of my favorite flavors and the m & m bag, which was a small bag in reality. I ate them all though. Yes, I can be a piggy once in a while!!! About the rest of my weird day, I really can not explain it anymore. REALLY!