A Moment to Reflect

Not a whole lot has happened since my last entry for this day. I did get my appointment mixed up for today…scheduled for tomorrow after all to do my first facial in Mary Kay. Anyway, I do not think, personally, that I would have been a good consultant tonight at 6:30 p.m. if the appointment was scheduled. I was a a total mess emotionally anyway. It was a horrible feeling, lol, but I got over it a little bit ago. Life is good when you really think about it. What a day I really had.

August 2

Hi Everyone! I am home now…working on my computer which is a lot faster and easier to manuever. It is totally exciting to be back home even though my weekend was fantastic and again bittersweet. It was, one of those weekends, where family got together, had conversation and a good time. I even, yesterday afternoon, saw my grandparents gravesite and it was beautiful and definitely smaller than I first expected and thought. LOL I thought my grandparents had a bigger headstone but it is only a small one that fits both grandparents’ names and dates. It was beautiful in the site though.

While I was up north, strangely enough, I slept good when bedtime rolled around. It was not noisy or anything so sleep was easy to find. What scares me the most is the fact that now I am back in city territory and pretty sure that noise will keep me awake and going all night long. I hope that I can de;ete the noise from outdoors tonight by turning my fans in the hallway and bedroom.