4th Entry of the Day

Well gang, this is my last entry of the day of July 27, 2004. All is fine and good here. Getting and wanting to get to bed shortly. I needed to take a shower earlier but I did not get to it! I have to in the morning now. Here where I live we can not shower after 10 p.m. – 8 a.m. and that really stinks sometimes, lol. Anyway, I am gonig ot sign off and say good night here, and talk to all my friends tomorrow. I am tired and ready for bed. I had a good day today and I hope tomorrow is just as good.

3rd Entry of the Day

I feel so foolish right about now. I read an entry at a friend’s diary andshe specifically asked all of us to write all our comments private and here I wrote it in “public”. It was an error on my part. I had read about being asked to write private comment to the entry written, and that is the opposite of what I did. I feel so foolish and very embarrassed. I do not know where in the world the message, the words I read, got crosed and I ended up doing the opposite. I am so silly sometimes and sometimes my silliness gets me into trouble, but this time I was just reminded of the mistake, and it was reversed by error with all that was on my mind at the time. anyway, that is over now and I got it straight this time…thankfully!

It is after 6 p.m. and I had called my mother earlier in concern about my motion sickness issue and she told me to look into using a motion sickness medicine, and so tomorrow I am going to look into it before Friday when the three of us and my brother and sister pups go away for the weekend. I promised my mom I would talk to my coordinator/doctor in regards to motion sickness pills and see, since I have a pre-existing condition and see if it is risky to take.

Well, it is not late yet, and I have time to write more later. I have to run now and get to work on something regarding Mary Kay. Bye for now.