July 14, 2004

Tonight I will be home after all. I will not be spending the night at my friends place tonight. Kelly and Jimmy are going to be spending the night at his mother’s place tonight and someone will be taking Kelly in for her gall bladder removal surgery tomorrow morning bright and early. So I will be coming back home after VBS tonight.

Still in the Works
I really like this one entry per day but it is something I have yet to get used to. LOL It really saves on the thought process from time to time because then I can save what I have on my mind the time I write in my journal. I have noticed, this compelling urge in strong sense to open up my Dear Diary page and begin writing every thought that comes to mind still. It is a compelling moment in every diarist’s life I know that much. I am able to compile all my thoughts, small or big, or both at one time, and write in one entry in short or long paragraphs. It saves time most of the time and the energy I sometimes do not feel I have, lol.

Please Pray For Kelly
My friend Kelly, Jimmy’s wife of ten years, is asking everyone who believes in the power of prayer to pray for her tonight and for the next few days. Tomorrow, Thursday, July 15, 2004, Kelly is going to have her gall bladder taken out. This is her first surgery in her life ever and she is very very scared and worried. Even I, one of her friends who cares, is also scared and worried for her too. Her surgery is tomorrow morning around 6 a.m.. She is the first one in and the first one out tomorrow, and if it goes well as the doctors hope, she will be able to go home after she wakes up from surgery and out of recovery. If it does not go as planned as the doctors hope, she will be in the hospital for a couple of days or so. She, hoping it is done Lapascopically (sp?) goes well!

TIme For Me To Go For the Night Now
I know it is only going on 5 p.m. Wednesday night, I have to go to VBS within a half an hour. My ride will be here shortly. I will write more at my Sabbath journal regarding VBS and at my personal website later. I love all of you and wish you a good rest of the evening this day. Good bye for now.