July 13

I will be leaving here in about 45 minutes to VBS (Vacation Bible School) so I will have to write in my journal now before I go.

My Morning (Began @ 7:30 a.m.)
I did not have too much trouble sleeping last night. In fact, I felt pretty good when I went to bed. The first night of VBS went well. Anyway, I got up at 7:30 a.m. in plans that I would go work out at the Riverfront Athletic Centre I have been a member of since AUgust of last year, go to my credit union and take care of Mary Kay business (getting a MK beauty and look book to a potential customer), come home and do some relaxing. I did not get home, from running around, until 12:30 p.m.. Relaxing, in reality, has not happened yet, lol. I am still going strong!

My day has been real good to this point in time. Since I began Mary Kay on July 1, 2004, a lot of excitement has filled the air. I feel I am still on that certain cloud of my life. No ills whatsoever at this time. I do, however, feel the workout in my legs right now and I am moving kind of slow. I only pedaled a stationary bike for thirty minutes, lol. The ache is something I can deal with. I do not go work out until Thursday morning.

A Glance For Tomorrow
My friend Kelly will be going to the hospital to have her gall bladder taken out Thursday. I will be home all day tomorrow, go to VBS at 6 p.m., and then from there go to Kelly’s for the night to help Kelly get her husband Jimmy off to work on time. Jimmy is special. He has Downs Syndrome. A fine young man…not a boy, lol. He will tell you so. After he gets off to work, I am going to go workout, shower, and go back to my credit union to see if the girls there want anything, and take care of business regarding Mary Kay outside possible orders.

Good Night
I have to get a bite to eat real quick. I have to leave here in about thirty minutes and I really need to get a bite to eat. I am in charge of the snacks at VBS even though I am an assistant, and believe me, I do not want to go there hungry and want to eat all the snacks! LOL Tonight is compass night. I am going to say good night here for now and come back tomorrow.