July 2

It is 2:03 p.m. now and I surely do not feel that great. My nose is running…stuffy…my throat hurt yesterday. I have felt miserable before but I have not felt this way in a long time — since winter passed. So I am writing in my journal early — now. This will be my entry for the day. I just do not feel that great. I am expecting something from UPS today sometime and I am looking forward to it greatly. It is a starter kit for my Mary Kay business. All I am interested in is getting the packages and leaving them in the boxes until tomorrow evening or sunday morning. I am just having one of those days I am not feeling that great. I caught a virus of some sort — a cold. I do not particular like summer colds but I caught it somewhere while galabating around this past week and it sure does make my summer days filled with unsurety and discomfort. Anyway, I know it will end sometime soon. I am battling it the best I can. I hope it does to last until the end of the month! That would be icky feeling icky at a family reunion in Saxeville, Wisconsin and being with family up north.