July 30

I went to Saxeville, Wisconsin with my Mom, “Aunt” Donna (she is really a cousin) for the cookout at Aunt Nellie’s. Saw relatives I have not seen in years or within the past year. I even saw my cousin Jill (known as JJ most of our lives). Then we can back home to visit with Donna’s son Kurtis and his wife who came over for supper. It was a beautiful day.

Sorry this is so short but I am not on my computer whick ones faster than this one so I will write more when I get back home Monday – a day after tomorrow.

Had a Few Minutes

I have a few minutes before I have to meet my parents downstairs to go out of town. I had gotten up at 7 a.m. when my friends Kelly and Jimmy called to say hello and talk for a bit. I will be picked up about 9:30 a.m. but my mom said she was going to call first before they leave to let me know they are on their way to get me. I have my journal to write in with me so I will not miss any writing time so I can keep everyone up to date that way and record everything later. I might be able to look on line from time to time but I can not guarantee that because of possible weather condiitons up north or even here in Janesville, Wisconsin. I will be fine in the long run and all.

July 30

Dear Friends Who Signed My Guestbook,

I would like to thank you for signing my guestbook yesterday and the days before for the past three years. My birthday was July 3, so it was missed by three weeks, but that’s ok. Thank you for the belated birthday wishes. They were all taken to heart.

Hey jodolphin…I want to thank you for signing my guestbook. I enjoy reading your journal too, and you keep up the good work as well. It means a lot to me to have a friend like you!

Love, Kristi

10:30 p.m.

It is late and I will be leaving to go with my parents in the morinng to go up north to be with more family. I will not return until Monday sometime but time is yet unknown. Who cares right now anyway. I am ready to go. I am tired and ready for bed. I took a shower earlier this evening and it felt real good. The only thing was the fact I could not enjoy it for very long because my smoke detector went off from the heat from the bathroom. It drove me nuts! LOL Anyway it is late and it is time for me to say good night. I will take a journal with me and write in it about my weekend and record all the happenings when on the proper date when I get back home on Monday. There will never be a date with nothing anymore here.

Plans For the Weekend

Plans have been made for the weekend. My mom called me a little before 5:30 p.m. this evening to tell me we are leaving Janesville about 9:30 a.m.. How exciting this seems to be at the moment, too! I want to see other family this weekend, too. We are staying at Cousin Donna’s house (with husband Bob) Friday night – Sunday night, we will have our cookout in Saxeville Saturday, and then we will be seeing some of Grandpa’s relatives who are still alive on Sunday as well. Aunt Annette, one of my grandpa’s SIL’s has a new kitten named Sassy so I am excited about meeting this new kitten (for all I know it could a cat, lol). Staying at Cousin Donna’s house this weekend will be a joy and a plus for me because of fond memories of staying there when I was a litle girl. Last year we only spent one night there but this year we are spending three nights there and that is exciting in itself.

Also, when Mom called me, she told me she FOUND my jelly roll pens and she is going to give them to me tomorrow. I even told her why I was upset yesterday and the pens being the lightest of my worries, she seemed to understand my little emotional predictament in reality. I told her that I had gotten an vanilla envelope filled with pictures of grandpa and grandma, and grandma’s old photo album of her, grandpa, my mom, and “Aunt” Cousin Donna, and her family. I am beginning get ideas for my scrapbooking stories. I am, even though I was an emotional mess yesterday night, I am excited about getting a scrapbook filled with pictures and newspaper articles. Anyway…it is going to be an emotional weekend one way or the other.

Had a Bad Night

My day with my mom went well, but after getting home and being somewhat idle, I became such a crying idiot for a few hours. While my mom and I were heading to lunch yesterday, we went past a situation with a police officer, a man holding his hands to his face crying because his dog got hit by a car. It was sad to see the dog getting hit my a car. Mom’s stomach just got sick so we decided to make a little detour before eating so we could settle our emotions a little bit. After lunch, I got home, looked at my birthday presents and finding that the jelly roll pens were not there in the package. I had called Mom and told her that my pens were not in my bag or my purse/bag and thought maybe she ran into them in the truck to let me know. She told me that I did not need to get upset over it and I did tell her if they are not there they can be easily replaced and that was not the problem. I just looked a whole bunch of pictures of my grandparents and I was crying over them and also told my mom that I was sorry for the family who just lost their dog because some idiot hit their dog. I had three reasons to be all tears in reality but it just seemed odd that the tears lasted for hours and sleep was just difficult for me all night long. In fact, I remember falling asleep and waking up in the night and shutting off the television, and I had awakened with tears still in my eyes and my eyes were moist from something. I felt awfully tired and fell in and out of sleep as I watched television and missing the last bit of Murder, She Wrote. I had fallen in and out of sleep until 12 noon this afternoon. Even right now I still feel tired and out of it and kind of low in spirits but it is not depression or anything. Just still reacting to yesterday’s crying spell, and decided not to go anywhere at all today but stay home with Emilee, pack my bag of clothes and things I needed for the four day weekend up north, and just stay in my pajamas. I am, what a frieind calls, preparing myself for the weekend of family togetherness and seeing my grandma and grandpa’s gravesite and seeing what relatives who are still alive. Right now I wonder what is going to really happen this weekend…if I am going to have a face of happiness that will be totally fake or I will be strong in reality…and I know God will be with me. Strange…so very strange!

July 28

It was a good day. I went shopping with my mom and I went shopping for my birthday. One of the things, a set of Jelly Roll pens were bought, but when I got home, they were not in my bag of gifts and then I realized that they might still be in my parent’s truck, whiich that is where I hope, because they were practically $6.00! Also, we saw a dog after it got hit by a car and that was sad and it made my mom sick to her stomach.

4th Entry of the Day

Well gang, this is my last entry of the day of July 27, 2004. All is fine and good here. Getting and wanting to get to bed shortly. I needed to take a shower earlier but I did not get to it! I have to in the morning now. Here where I live we can not shower after 10 p.m. – 8 a.m. and that really stinks sometimes, lol. Anyway, I am gonig ot sign off and say good night here, and talk to all my friends tomorrow. I am tired and ready for bed. I had a good day today and I hope tomorrow is just as good.

3rd Entry of the Day

I feel so foolish right about now. I read an entry at a friend’s diary andshe specifically asked all of us to write all our comments private and here I wrote it in “public”. It was an error on my part. I had read about being asked to write private comment to the entry written, and that is the opposite of what I did. I feel so foolish and very embarrassed. I do not know where in the world the message, the words I read, got crosed and I ended up doing the opposite. I am so silly sometimes and sometimes my silliness gets me into trouble, but this time I was just reminded of the mistake, and it was reversed by error with all that was on my mind at the time. anyway, that is over now and I got it straight this time…thankfully!

It is after 6 p.m. and I had called my mother earlier in concern about my motion sickness issue and she told me to look into using a motion sickness medicine, and so tomorrow I am going to look into it before Friday when the three of us and my brother and sister pups go away for the weekend. I promised my mom I would talk to my coordinator/doctor in regards to motion sickness pills and see, since I have a pre-existing condition and see if it is risky to take.

Well, it is not late yet, and I have time to write more later. I have to run now and get to work on something regarding Mary Kay. Bye for now.

2nd Entry of the Day

I do not know what happened, but as soon as I got home I had fallen asleep and dozed in and out from the time I had gotten home to 1 p.m.. I hate that when that happens but apparently I had needed the rest and the sleep. I do not think I slept well last night anyway. I got a motion sickness while riding in my friend’s truck with him today and hoped it was not anything else so sleepingit off, I realized it was just a motion sickness thing. I felt horrible and was glad to walk it off from the job center a couple of blocks away from here to home. I still had the slightest twinge of motion sickness when I got home. It was not too bad but I still looked white in the (gills, lol) Even today, not a whole lot has happened today except this morning from 8 a.m. to at least 9:45 a.m. Was a busy morning for me thankfully. I will try to get back later today since it is only around 2:30 a.m.