Today has been very quiet for me. The phone rang seldom today, thankfully. It has been a quiet day all day,. I did, however, run to the store to see a friend real quick (The Vital Living Center) after 3 p.m., but soon returned to my apartment where I am now. Not much really happened today otherwise. That’s ok. At 4 p.m. I watched Princess Diaries starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway. It was good — even for the second time of seeing it. Now I want to go see Princess Diaries 2 – Royal Engagement with Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, but I do not know if I will since it is in August the movie is out in theaters and I can not plan that far ahead anymore, lol.

I really do not have anything to say right now. I am having on of those moments of quietness where no thought is really coming forth. I will write more tomorrow.


I Do Have More To Say
Dear Diary is down again! Here I am using my word processing program right now. It seems that DD has been down often lately. I understand the quirks of the internet and server problems, but it can annoying at times, I think it is starting to bother me more than it used to. I enjoy writing and letting other DD diarist’s read a piece of my life — personal or public. I have not humiliated myself yet and do not plan to, lol. Many diarists share there most innermost thoughts and feelings and I am not that totally brave like some people. My private life is my business and no one else’s is how I grew up knowing, but I think is changing for me as well. I have written some private things in my journal that have been shared with other diarists and that is fine by me.

A Celexa Update
I have mentioned that my doctor has allowed me to take two Celexa a day – one in the morning and one at night – and so far that seems to work. I got more Celexa medication this afternoon when the delivery person dropped it off. I had looked at the note that was left on the piece of paper on the bag, and it confused me all afternoon long until now/ The note said, “Dosage Inc”. Thinking that Inc meant incomplete, I counted all the pills and saw that 30 pills were all there, so that confused me even more. I had called the pharmacy and asked about the milligram tablets that were written on the bottle and found that the prescription said what the bottle read. So the note, until a few minutes ago, meant “Dosage Increase”! Duh! LOL. I am so glad I finally figured it all out before going to bed.

A Quick Look At This Morning
I know I am going backwards on my day but that is ok. My little entries in one big entry will have titles, like AussieDeafMan’s entries do in one big title. I am doing it a little differently…I hope. LOL. Well, this morning, about 11 a.m. I felt sick to my stomach and had nausea come over me all of a sudden. I thought I was going to be sick with something horrible but it passed after I ate a quick bite of lunch. I think my nausea and sick stomach was all because it was hungry and not too long before eating, I took my medication for the day and it can cause an upset stomach sometimes. I say sometimes because it is written on the bottle on a warning label and I have not felt like I did this morning ever in my lifetime since I started taking the medication sixteen years ago. I felt somewhat embarrassed and kind of scared at the same time. It has never happened to me before until today so now I am going to take better precaution from this day forward.

From My Word Processor

Dear Diary is still down. Must be a major server issue. Thank goodness for back up even though I am using my word processor on my computer for writing right now. It is no big deal, but it iis getting frustrating and nerving. I know I am not the only diarist who feels this way. Who knows, the person who created Dear Diary may feel the same way. Who really knows. I just know how I feel right now.

I usually do not write in my personal Ksmiley journal until after Sabbath but I am today. These entries may not be officially recorded in my journal until after Dear Diary is back up and running again soon. I have a lot to say but I will wait until later when I am more awake and more talkative. Later…