I Have To Say Good Night and God Bless

This being my last entry for the day, I feel I need to retire from writing until tomorrow. I have had one unproductive day today – quiet and a pajama party all day long. I personally hate days like that when I have nothing to do on any particular day. I did not attend church today because I had awakened with a headache and a sinus thing was going on in the morning. I slept a lot today, lol. And I want to retire to bed for the night in a while. What a world I live in sometimes – unproductive!! Oh well.

Yesterday I had downloaded and bought a program called Spam Pepper. The program helps the spam content coming in my primary e-mail address account. I have had it for two days now and have highly impressed with it and glad that I have it on my computer today. It has illiminated spam to a degree now I can control it and it can not control me. You can find the program at Spam Pepper and try it before you buy it. It is real nice and cool. I have been haopy for the past several hours knowing that I can control my e-mails now and not have spam controlling me everyday. You may want to take a look at that website if you have spam coming all the time. Believe me….you will be impressed too!

Well, I have to say good night now. See ya all tomorrow. YAWN!

Plase Do Not Think I am Crazy

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I had decided to get on line to do other things on line when the MSN webpage showed a picture of our former President, Ronald Reagan. I looked at the picture and read the dates and saw that 1911-2004 was on the picture. I knew right there that he had died after having a long battle of Alzhiemer’s Disease. Before anyone of us knew that Grandpa Clarence had Alzhiemer’s Disease himself, I had learned of President Reagan’s ordeal with the disease and pushed the idea of Grandpa Clarence ever having it until….Grandpa was diagnosed with severe dimentia – another name for AD. When I had learned of Grandpa’s ordeal and fight with the disease, I felt for the former President Ronald Reagan and his family…whether or not he was anyone’s favorite president or not. When I had learned of his death, Reagan’s, my heart felt the ease of knowing that Ronald was now at peace and rest from suffering for so many years. According to the news report read at Memorial of Ronald Reagan said that the past month RR was getting worse and becoming harder to reach according to Nancy, the former 1st Lady. My heart reached out to the family.