One Day Gone Quickly

I can not believe how quickly this day went. It is kind of dark with storm on its way. I have been hearing thunder outside clapping every now and then but no lightning flashing. Interesting rain I can see. The phone has not rung all day long! WOW. I have only made a couple of calls today. Kind of a lazy day all day long. I did not take my Celexa until now so I will see if it will work better for me taking it at night instead of during the day. I did not feel tired tired like I did when I took the medication with my kidney meds in the morning. I wonder if it will work best taking it at night but this is my first night so I am going to wait it out and see. I am doing an experiment now. So far so good.

This is Memorial Day weekend so I have one more day this weekend to play and hhave some fun. Now that I am home this weekend – since last night – I can do some things that need to be done. What am I going to do tomorrow? We will wait and see.

I look at my day and it went quickly —- Very quickly! WOW!

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