Before Midnight Now LOL

I have a few minutes before midnight here and I remember last writing after midnight this morning. EEEK. I have not written much of anything today, but that’s ok. I ran an errand on foot and pretty much stayed home all day in my apartment. Getting dressed only to run that one errand on foot. It has been quiet around here. The only things I heard were neighbors scurrying about the building entering into their apartments. The doors of those apartments closed loudly and hard. LOL I wanted to scream in the process but I kept my mouth shut.

For the first time in a long time I will not be able to write in my journal here during the day Friday because I am going out to lunch and shopping with my friend Kelly while her husband is working during the day. Also, a neighbor of hers will be joining us for lunch and I do not know what her plans are for the shopping but whatever it is, she will do what Kelly and I want to do in our outing. I personally wish it was just Kelly and I but it is ok about the lunch deal at this time. I really do not want this neighbor going with us but I will have my time alone with Kelly and Jimmy tomorrow night. At least I hope so anyway. Kelly wants to have time with me, too.

To get back to today – I am going to sign off before midnight even rolls. I will be going to bed shortly. I have been online off and on all day long and I forgot to record all the times I have been on line. That stinks! LOL

I have to go now. See you sometime Saturday evening. Bye…and good night