Good Night

I really want to write more but I am in need to retire for the night so I am going to say what I want to write about tomorrow. Everyone of my DD friends…please sleep well and have a good night and God bless. SufferingServant, I want to thank you for your kind words at your journal. It means a lot to me to have read those words. You are a good friend no matter what…take care and have a blessed day. About those trials I go through, thank you for noticing that whatever I face I get through them. You are very sweet.

I Feel Ok

When I said I was not feeling well this morning, I had learned that it was anxiety and emotions that were playing their nasty tricks on me. The symptoms of illness were there and I felt like I had a cold coming on. It really made me feel yucky. After I ate lunch, I was feeling better. Thanks Britani! I am feeling better now.