Comments from Beginning of My Day 4/21/04

Dear Friends,

For the two of you who commented at my thoughts on the 21st of April, I want to let you know, due to the fact that DD was down for three days, I just got to your comments just now. You do not know, maybe you do actually, how it feels to have your diary back. I thought I was going through Dear Diary withdrawl by the time it got to be bedtime last night, lol. As for your comments there, friends, I would like to say thank you for your comments as well as your knowledge that everything will be ok in the end. We mastered to talk, within a couple of hours after the incident, in the hallway. We were both in some pain due to the fact of the rain and some stress of other things that have been going around in our lives at the same time. We are doing fine. Our friendship is still intact and strong. I am glad of that. Both Kelly and I worked hard to rekindle this friendship that a five year separation from after high school. We are working hard on keeping our friendship intact. We have grown up a lot since high school and in the past seven years. I can not believe that our friendship was rekindled over a year ago now. Kelly’s husband is so sweet. Jimmy is someone who I would never ever hurt. Even if I do hurt him accidently, I would feel very very lost. Jimmy is 33 years old and has down syndrome. Kelly is in school in a degree of childcare for special children just like Jimmy and the handicapped. Years ago, I could not say that because we were both growing up and in need of a lot of help from good people who cared deeply about us.

Anyway, friends, I need to go. It is now 12:04 a.m. and I am tired.

Sincerely Kristi

Yippee, We Are Back, Yippee

It has been a while since I was able to write … that any of the Dear Diary Diarist’s where able to write because the server went down for some reason. I am now glad that Dear Diary is back! I was beginning to have Dear Diary withdrawl because I am used to the idea of writing in my journal on daily basis but now no entries were written since the 21st.