I wish Some People Would Leave Me Alone!

I am not talking about any of my DD friends here.

I have an ex-roommate who will not leave me alone – either by phone or by trying to come to my apartment when she is in the building helping her so-called friend do his laundry. She had called me while I was away doing business with the maanger in the building. Some pepple do not get the message to leave me alone and I gave her more than enough tries and changes and both chances and tries have been used up. I know I am acting like a Christian woman I profess to be right now but if only some of the people who know what trials I have been through would see what I mean. My ex-roommate is one of the reasons I am living where I am living at now because she has been nothing but trouble in the past five years since I have moved here and before that living with her. Everyone around her believed her back then and that is one reason why I moved out and moved here. That was another reason why I moved here. Anyway I do not need the stress of her anymore especially now with two weeks of school left. Some people just do not know when to leave me alone as sneaky and nasty as my ex-roommate turned out to be. My name and such has been thrown around this building and it is not all pretty, and I have been called worse than name calling. Some people!!!!


I do not know what to say right now. I had one of thosoe days after school where I was relaxing, went to the grocery store and spent $53.26 on food that will last me the entire month of May or pretty close to the entire month. My best friend MEE took me to the store after he got off work. In between time, I took a short nap and woke up in sheer paniic wondering what I dreamt about because the dream did not even make sense. When MEE took me to the store, I was so glad to get out of the house for a while. Now Emilee and I are set for May with food and necessities.

We are expecting rain and possible storm later tonight so I will not be on line much longer. Last night my IE program kept shutting down on me for some reason but it has not happened yet today so I wonder if my computer just had a slight glitch in it yesterday, lol, and now when I want to play games at Yahoo, I have to shut down another program before getting into one of the rooms. It is so frustrating but doable for now until I figure it out what I did. Oh well.

Not to gross out any of my men friends who read my journal, I have to admit that being a woman is not always fun.

Before It Gets Any Later

I better write before it gets any later. Today we did not have school so I stayed home most of the day in my pajamas, worked on an assignment for Sociology and reviewed for test number three for Sociology. Earlier tonight I did not feel right. Sheer panic flew right in on me for some reason and the tears wanted to flow, and I did not even know the reasoon why. I am still feeling the affects of earlier still in my body. But I know I am going to be ok. I also am at the end of such obstacles as that. Anyway, I am going to go.

A New Day at 12:05 a.m.

It is a few minutes after midnight here in the Kristi and Emilee Cuddles Karnopp household. I am still wwwwiiiiddddeeee awake at this hour for some reason, lol. No school today as it is “No Student COntact Day” today. No students on the campus allow. YEAH no classes!!

Why am I so wide awake yet? I have absolutely no idea at this morning. Even though I am wide awake and not wanting to go to bed yet, I should go for the night and come back later. I have some homework to do for Sociology and Psychology to od anyway. I think, even though I do not want to, I am going to say good night to my friends and come back in a few hours.

Good Night

I really want to write more but I am in need to retire for the night so I am going to say what I want to write about tomorrow. Everyone of my DD friends…please sleep well and have a good night and God bless. SufferingServant, I want to thank you for your kind words at your journal. It means a lot to me to have read those words. You are a good friend no matter what…take care and have a blessed day. About those trials I go through, thank you for noticing that whatever I face I get through them. You are very sweet.

I Feel Ok

When I said I was not feeling well this morning, I had learned that it was anxiety and emotions that were playing their nasty tricks on me. The symptoms of illness were there and I felt like I had a cold coming on. It really made me feel yucky. After I ate lunch, I was feeling better. Thanks Britani! I am feeling better now.


KW told me that I snapped at her again earlier today. I am beginning to notice that my snapping at people has been not noticed by me whatsoever but other people have noticed it lately. What is really going on? Is there friction in my relationships with some people getting bad?