A Quickie

I really do not have much to say tonight. It is late and I am very very tired foro a change at this hour of the night. I should have been in bed a couple of hours ago but my body would not have allowed me to lay down and rest since I am kind of jittery due to cerebral pallsy. Actually for the past couple of days I have dealt with cerebral palsy jerks to the point of discomfort and a tenseness that I can not quite explain. You have to have cerebral palsy to understand what I am talking about or know someone who has it other than me. It is distracting and uncomf0rtable.

I have been on line for almost four hours now nonstop for a change of pace playnig canasta. Right now I need to keep myself movinig or my cerebral palsy is going to jerk off and on again. To end the night here, I am going to say good night.