Good Night

Dear Friends at DD,

I have had a good day today. Went with a couple of friends shopping and ridinig and then I went to the hospital to get my blood work done for the month of March for my kidney transplant. Speaking of kidneey transplant, I will be celebrating my sixteenth year anniversary since the transplant took place tomorrow. It is exciting. I will not be celebrating as in having a party or anything but it is a party inside my head in memory of when the transplant took place. From its lab work today, I am doing just fine healthwise. I do need to get back to working out at the athletic club this coming as weight has been put back on this winter. ARRRG! It will come off again. I will not let it come back on fully.

I have been taking naps in the afternoon when I get home from school but today I did not need to go into school as my Spring began yesterday after I got home from school. Today I did not take a nap. I was out with my friends at the time naps seem to roll in so I was glad to have that opportunity away from today without taking a nap. I did not even take a nap later. But I am definitely tired.

Today I got a new piece of furniture. Not a chair or couch or table and chairs. It is a nice little cabinet I got from our manager LS. She is selling it to me for $30 when I can pay her as she understands that I do not have the money right now. It is older but real nice. I have my sabbath videos LLM gave me for Christmas some time back in the cabinet for all eyes to see. I also learned to, unexpectedly that Emilee Cuddles loves one of the shelves in the cabinet because I found her laying on the shelf happily. She was inspecting it. Everything in the corner where the cabinet is now was taken out and folded or put away in the “new” old cabinet I just got. It looks great up here. I love it! It is a nice storage spot for me.

Well friends…it is almost midnight and I am tired so I am going to go to bed for the night. I feel I can sleep well tonight. Good night y’all. Bye…


Is This A Quick Entry?

It is now March 11, 2004 and I am still up. I am on Spring Break now and will return back to school on March 22, 2004, so I am going to go to bed a little later for the next few days but when the weekend of March 19, 2004 I plan to get back on track of going to bed early and get ready for school. I am having my thoughts go back and forth regarding this Spring Break. Right now I am wanting to have this Spring Break but I have a feeling in a day or two I will wish school would be returning this coming Monday. Oh well.

Well, anyway, I have been fairly busy today and tomorrow I will be busy as well. I have a counseling appointment at 3 p.m. and before that, I am planning ono going to get my blood work done for the month of March for my 16 year kidney transplant. On Friday I will be celebrating my 16th anniversary since the transplant and I am excited about that. All is going well with my overall health.

My now ex-boyfriend Rick has been out of my life for some time now and I am happier without him. Yesterday, last night before retiring to bed for the night, I went to another journal place and deleted all the entries that included my thoughts and feelings about our going out and I breaking it off. This little paragraph will be the last one written regarding Rick here as well. I am going on with my life now at school, church, friends and family, and other personal life. Anyway, to be very honest with you, the past two weeks living here at Teamster Manor have been a little rocky because of the neighbor across the hall from me has been causing some trouble and noise for the building to be a little on edge — the neighbors in the building being on adge actually, lol.

Tonight…not knowing that one of the downloadable programs on my computer had an infected file. I ended up having to run my anti-virus program to get rid of the virus and put it in its virus vault. I was not upset about the trojan coming and going or anything…I just wish I was more careful. No tears shed here tonight, thankfully.

Was this a quick entry? No.

More later today. I can not believe that it is past midnight and March 11, 2004 is now in play. I think I should go to bed. WOW!