It is Over Now

Sabbath will be here shortly and I have to get ready for it yet and I have been keeping myself busy. Tuesday night I took my boyfriend’s behavior the last time and I could no longer take his attitude towards my friends and my relationships. He was jealous of my relationships with both men and women friends and today, after taking Rick’s stuff to him which he left here, he e-mailed me accusing me of dating my friend Mark which I know which is not true anyway. I have learned, from today’s experience that I was dating a very possessive and controlling gentleman who has a lot of problems. I will old off on dating for a long time…in other words, I am not going to worry about it for the time being.

I do not know what to say right now. I got up at 8:45 a.m. to a phone call from my friend Kelly and decided to stay up since then. On Fridays, a day off from school, I sleep in a little bit and enjoy the day off as much as I can. Today I have an appointment with the manager to be recertified for this year and I have company coming over later this afternoon. In between times, I will have time for myself. Right now I feel kind of bored but fine and ready for my day. Do I really want to leave this apartment? No, not really. I want to stay home.

I really do not know what to title this entry so I am leaving it blank at the moment. Anyway, my boyfriend Rick did not call me at all yesterday…either cell phone or home. I was disgusted with that for some reasoon for a while but again later realized that I needed a break from a lot of things yesterday. I even took a break from my studying last night. I felt so crabby and was a little on edge for some reason. Today, sleeping until 8:45 a.m., I decided to get up and dressed, and take my meds before it got any later since I do have an appointment this morning in a few minutes with the manager of the building to be recertified for this coming year. I also have company coming over about 1:30, 2 p.m. for help with something in Psychology. It is going to a fun day today. Busy I hope! At least I will have time for myself in the meantime.

I FORGOT to write in my journal yesterday! When I shut down my computer for the night, I then realized that I did not write in my journal, and I was not going to fire up my computer just to get online again to write something. I was tired and ready for bed. I had my cleaning lady and her daughter come yesterday afternoon after I got home from school and by the time they got done cleaning and left, I had gotten into my pajamas for the night and played a few games of gin with other people before retiring and I also did some studying. More later…class begins shortly.

Last Entry of the Night

I have been wanting to write in my journal for the past two hours but have gotten to gabbing on the phone to my mom’s husband in regards to a good program for enhancing and cropping pictures because I had taken two pictures of Emilee earlier today. Also, I have talked about a good spam program since now I am gettong a lot of spam in my e-mail box. Spam stinks like a skunk sometimes.

It is almost bed time so I need to run. I had a day off of school today because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day so classes resume again tomorrow and I am looking forward to going to Sociology for sure now after reading some information in the chapter we are studying right now.

Sometimes It Seems Difficult

I need to get this written before Rick gets here. He will be here at 1 p.m. or so. I do not want to be online when he is here unless he makes me mad enough to turn away from him and let him be childish. I am still a little mad about yesterday’s fiasco over the phone but I will not discuss it right now with him because it will raise more questions about our relationship. Why he mentioned his ex-girlfriend e-mailing him I have no idea why and I think his action was downright rude and dumb. If he still has any feelings for her or is in a friendship relationship with him, I will get rid of Rick in flash and make sure he does not have any contact with me whatsoever. He is downright stupid in mentioning the fact about his ex-girlfriend who is a liar, a cheater, and a childl herself the way she acts. Is she pregnant? I do not think so. She is such a compulsive liar. She screwed someone over real good by sleeping with another man while she was dating a friend of mine’s friend some weeks ago. Seeing her in the Mall Friday afternoon really started up something nasty in my head, and I am questioning my relationship with Rick more so than ever now that he has mentioned her again. What a jerk he is. I do not want to hear about his girlfriend problems of the past before us anymore!

Being in a relationship is difficult when feelings are tested and troubled.