The confusion between myself and my relationship with Rick has passed. We are still together and working things out at a slow pace – slower than we were going in the beginning of our relationship at the very beginning. Yes, I did feel uncomfortable for a while and so did Rick, and the tension was very high for the both of us. I feel that I have to give him one more chance because it does take two to tangle at times as well as screw up. Rick does love me and I love him. How I have come to this realization is having a few days to think without Rick being with me every second and I took the time not to answer to every phone callhe made. RIck still has concerns about our relationship and he does not sleep well in regards I have had very little sleep myself regarding our relationship. I have also come to realize that I have my issues too.


Feeling Mixed Up!

I feel too that I have not given part of my relationsship with my boyfriend. Again, I do not like it when he does some things and I know he does not like some things I do too, but lately we have not been spending a lot of time together because I have been busy with school and other things. The relationship with my boyfriend is one of my worries to some degree because we have not had any quality time together without him helping me with my school work or something. I do not feel cuddly at times and lately I have not felt at all comfortable with cuddling or the thought of it. I do not know why? Is a relationship with the opposite sex for me right now? I do not think so.