Taking a Moment

It has been fairly quiet since Rick left a little after 8 p.m. I have my accounting homework done for Wednesday so I do not have to worry about it tomorrow as I had said. I have watched a movie called Mystery Woman and I am listening to it again. It was that good! It is on Hallmark tonight. Anyway, tomorrow being Labor Day, I am going to the parade and a cookout with the Wilson’s and I am looking forward to it greatly. Not a whole lot is happening right now except for the fact that I am listening to the movie and waiting for KAW to call me back after she goes for a walk with her husband (the Wilson’s). I have taken a quick bath and washed my hair as it was getting real oily since Friday’s washing and I did not want to take a shower or bathe in the morning, and I did not want to go to bed with greasy feeling (gross) hair. For the last couple of days now, my phone has been acting up and driving me nuts. A little while ago Nellie Mom called me and I did not hear the phone ringing but the phone ringer was on. What is wrong with my phone? I have a phone in the bedroom that has the ringer on but it does not ring. PHONES! LOL I can deal with it but when I am expecting a very important phone call, I will get annoyed easily. LOL

An Entry Before Bed

It is late and I should be in bed but I took a nap at 3 p.m. this afternoon. I am tired but real bad – just yawning a bit since it is late and everyone else around me is asleep in their own places. I did hear, as a neighbr must have left or returned to their apartment, lock up after themselves. Sometimes I think neighbors do not always realize that noise can travel. I remember the other day that my apartment door slammed shut behind me as I did not grab it in time with all the stuff I was holding and I felt it travel throughout my apartment. That day, by chance, my windows were open. That ALWAYS happens! The weather is cool tonight…in the 50’s…good!

I think, since it is late, I am going to sign off my writing for the night and shut things down for the night and come back to it in the morning sometime. I have a three day weekend now and tomorrow I will be doing my schoolwork in the afternoon with Rick’s help and do all my school work before Monday so I can enjoy my day with my friends at the parade Monday afternoon after lunch. Labor Day is coming and it is coming furiously. Good night everyone and God bless.

Please, for those I get updates from, excuse me for not reading your entries lately. I am busy with school. I appreciate all of you for reading my entries as well. Good night all.

Ahhh, the weekend has arrived and school will resume again Tuesday morning. Labor Day weekend is here but I have other plans this weekend as well…church and fellowship, homework, and relaxation. I am going to take Monday and use it as a holiday and do ALL homework due Tuesday and Wednesday Sunday and after Sabbath hours. Monday, I am going to take a break from everything and sleep in somewhat and anyway, I have Tuesday’s homework finished! Accounting I is going to take a lot of my time, I am afraid. I have a boyfriend who is willing to help me out and to understand what I am learning. I know I can do it!

Tonight I will be going to KAW’s for Prayer Meeting and after sundown Sabbath begins anyway. After prayer meeting I will be coming home to get ready for bed and get up for Sabbath and church.

Today 1

At this time, a little after noon, I am sitting here at school killing time before my 1 p.m. class. I did all my homework for my classes and so I am just waiting patiently for time to pass. I have been at school since 9 a.m. this morning and I am feeling about ready to go home, lol. At this time, the day is not bad at all.

Today’s Entry

I am not in the mood to really make my entry font lookk fancy tonight. I am tired and ready for bed now. School has been going well and I really have enjoyed my first two days. I have to admit that I was definitely on Monday. I was somewhat embarrassed!! I have all my books and have been to all of my classes as of now. I am planning on going to bed at 9 p.m. Wisconsin time and wake up to a new day with happiness and joy of going to Accounting 1 at 12 noon and Written Communications at 11. I really do not have a lot to say tonight so I am going to say “good night and God bless” good bye for the night.

I Do Have To Admit SomeThings Tonight

I have not been able to sleep last night because I was so excited about school beginning today. i do have to admit that I amm very tired right now and have little to say tonight. With school starting today, I do have very little time to be online at home unless I do have my schoolwork and studying to do. I do not know if I will be able to write everyday this week. I am trying to set limits to my time on my computer outside of school and classes.

Last Entry of the Night

YIKES, tomorrow I start school. I just got off the phone with my friend KAW and we are both a little nervous about school. Rick wanted to go to school with me in the morning to bring my Tuesday & Thursday class books home but I did convinced him not to worry about that for now. I am planning on getting a locker anyway. What would be the use to have a lock if you do not have a locker? I wouldn’t know.

Good night and God Bless!

Taking a Moment of My Time Before…

I decided to turn off the air conditioner and open up the livingroom and bedroom windows for fresh air. It is kind of warm – 86 degrees and above. It feels kind of warm…yuck but there is a breeze today. Thankfully.

Rick will be here shortly…Pastor will be here at 3 p.m. for our Bible study. After Bible study, Rick and I are going to El-Ra Bowl to bowl two to three games. Since it is my last day of freedom before school starts tomorrow, I am going to go bowling with Rick this afternoon. I really want to have time for myself before bed time so I am going to have Rick come over for a while. He is so bent on having time with me today so I am going to give in to his whims only this one time. I hate his attitude at times and one of his problems is “space”…he needs it too no matter what I say or do. If he goes to school with me to school tomorrow, I will be upset for sure.