Another Ksmiley Diary

I have spent some time playing Gin at Yahoo games after writing my first entry of the day. I am sooooo addicted to the game that it is not funny anymore. I am trying to play other games and again trying not to be on my computer all day long. Today was one of those days where the computer has been on since I have been home but I have not been on it all day. I do have to find a new hobby and I can see my mom’s point not wanting me to be online all day. I agree with her totally. I wish August 25 was now… I would be back in school studying and going to classes again. I really miss school!!!

I had an eye appointment this morning and all is well there. My eyesight did not change from last time so I do not have to get new prescription for glasses and/or new glasses. I am very excited and happy about that very much! I do not what else to say except now I am hungry and I am going to eat lunch/dinner now. Bye for now.