The End of My Day

My day was very good and definitely long. I spent endless hours on the internet playing Noah Ark – a Pop Cap game yahoo has in its game section of the webpage. I spent six hours playing 153 rounds of the game. It never really quit until its 153rd round. I had fun. The score was gigantic that I forgot what it was since I did not write in down before shutting the game down for the night. Now my night is closing soon and I have one more school day left – YEAH! I have to get up at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning to get ready for school. I took my shower tonight while The Division was airing so I could watc Strong Medicine at 9 p.m.. I am kind of hungry now too so I am going to eat the last piece of pizza I have in the fridge now. Good night everyone. Sleep well and God bless.