It seems impossible, but after yesterday’s sunshiny day, it is cloudly and gloomy outside. A little bit ago the wind was moving the branches more vigerously than it is now. Earlier in the morning Emilee was howling about the apartment as if something was going on. Things have been so awkward around here anyway. Tension is all around here, even in MY own apartment. For some reason I do not feel like writing anymore today so I am logging off for the day. Looks like it is going to rain later anyway. Bye for now and for the rest of the day,

The Bad Dream

It just seems right but I had a bad dream. In the dream, one of the tenants was talking to me in the hallway say9ing things just to provoke me to saying something that is not good. I kept my mouth shut but soon, as I got to my apartment, I turned to her and asked her to “leave me alone, please”. She did not seem surprised. Then, in the dream, I called the management and told them what was going on and I was told to stay in my apartment. I was shaking by then because all of a sudden the door changed into a door with a window and tenants were screaming and clinging to the door tryint to get in.