Taking A Moment to Write – My Last Emtry of the Day/Night

Oh, please do not think that I am feeling sorry for myself, because truly I am not feeling sorry for myself whatsoever. I am kind of blue at the moment and I need to write what is on my mind at this very moment. I have read other entries today and some days it seems that my entries do not quite measure up, but then again I am who I am and I am not like other people in so many ways. Some diarists find it more easier to write words when some words take their sweet ol’ time coming to me. Today is one of those days. Sometimes it scares me but truly it shouldn’t. I am my own person. I am ME and ME alone. Boy do I feel kind of bad tonight and I am so glad that school is resuming tomorrow. After having Wednesday off of school and only be at school on Monday and Friday kast week, I feel I had two weekends right in line of each other. I was bored then somewhat. At least I was with family most of the time. Anyway, I really do not have anything more to say now so I am going to sign off for the night before I babble on and on and write nonsense. Good night!


I thought I had an appointment with my grief counselor today. Here I was thinking that today was the 7th of April and knowing in the back of my mind that Monday is April 7th, but I had a moment where I thought today was the 7th! That is what I call a FREAK OUT! I hate those moments.