A Quickie 2

The weather looks rather iffy. Rain showers are expected this afternoon. The internet is up and running now thankfully. It was very frustrating not being able to surf the web or get any e-mail at first but knowing that there was a problem with my server, I was ok with not being online even the wait seemed to take forever. lol. Since the weather is iffy right now, I am going to go for the night and be back tomorow sometime. Bye.

A Quickie 1

I tried to get on line this morning shortly before 10 a.m. but I could browse the web or check e-mail whatsoever. I had called DSL tech support and learned that in the WI area there is troubles browsing and e-mail. Something is wrong with the main server. This is the second time this has happened since I have been a DSL customer starting July 1, 2002. So here I am, waiting for DSL to be available again, so I can put this entry at Dear Diary.