My Thoughts at the Moment

I am shifting from mood to mood right now. Emilee just came by me to check on me and then went to the back of the recliner to lay down. It has been very quiet part of the day. I had a neighbor who had a grandchild visiting and he was crying a lot in the hallway. I do not know why this child was crying but I have a good idea he did not get his way about something. Earlier today I visited a friend of mine with my friend Mark and I had mixed feelings about the visit. I am glad I did go see her though. I do not know when I will see my friend again but I do know that it will be a while until I see her again unless another friend decides to go see my friend. Otherwise I have been in my apartment in my pajamms all afternoon long resting and I did take a short cat nap about 3 p.m.. I have not been sleeping very well. This is not a good life. I am still having difficulty with my Grandpa Clarence being gone. My sleeping pattern has been off since Feb 15 and I am getting very tired of this offness of life. It takes time I know but I want it to end soon – VERY SOON!