Just Chatting

Not much is happening right this minute but I did chat with my friend Beth on Yahoo tonight for a while. Today was a good day. About eight o’clock this evening, I felt the lateness of the night when really timewise it was not at all really late. I hate daylight savings time…yuck! When time springs forward again, I will be much happier. Anyway, I had a good time chatting with Beth. I hope she feels better soon as our conversation was cut off because she got to feeling crummy. I had the flu some time back and I am glad I am over it now. I had no choice really…I had school to finish up and now I am waiting patiently for my grades to arrive or be seen on line. i think, now that it is going on 9 p.m., I am going to say good night and come back tomorrow.

Back Home From the Farm

The Holidays on the Farm

For the past three years I have taken the time to go up to my Aunt Jackie’s for Christmas and having a good time whether or not she is working or not. This Christmas I spent the holidays on the farm from the 23rd to the 27th. On Christmas Eve Aunt Jackie had her family over for dinner and opening of gifts. Then on Christma Day I went over to Uncle Butch’s and Aunt Dekoros for dinner and opening of gifts. Then on the 26th, Aunt Jackie and I spent the morning in Prairie Du Chien and Wauzeka visiting another aunt of mine. Then on the 27th, the afternoon about 1 p.m., I headed home on the bus back to my cat Emilee who I missed so much while away but she was such a good kitty for our neighbor Janet. What a vacation I had! It was a good one.

Christmas Day Night’s Experience on the Farm!

I thought I was going to be frozen to death by the time someone had returned home from Iowa or work Christmas night because I was accidently locked out of the house when I had returned back from Aunt Dekoros’ and Uncle Butch’s farm for the holiday celebration with them and other family. I had trampled to and fro from barn to house in order to keep warm and not freeze in the chilling temperatures of Christmas night. The barn door was somewhat hard to open but with my adrenaline worked up from being a bit upset, I was able to open the barn door but I knew I was not the entire soul that opened that door. I was kept company by two kittens, a white one and a grey tabby cat, and a rabbit in the barn as well as the lights of the milkhouse and barn. Otherwiise it was empty and nothing was really there anymore. Aunt Jackie no longer milks cows since her husband, Uncle Ed passed away in April of 1997. The milking cows were sold and the barn was emptied out. Now, rememeberiing such a big barn filled with cows is now empty. The barn now looks even bigger! WOW! Anyway, family arrived about 9 p.m. Christmas night and let me in Aunt Jackie’s house. My cousin and his wife and two kids also live on the property just so many feet away. Even their house was locked up so I could not get in to use the phone. LOL Anyway, staying warm was my goal even though I did not care for the experience until after I got back in the house. My cousin accidently locked the door when he left the property to go to Iowa with his wife and kids. Anyway, I am now a full-fledged Karnopp now. I was initiated and passed the trial/experience even though I felt cold and I could barely move an inch from my stance, LOL.

Back Home

Anyway I am back home safe and sound and back in my own place with my cat Emilee who was a good girl the entire time I was away. Even though I had that experience Christmas Day zzzzi eill return to the farm anyway.