The Surprise, Carolers, & Shock

The Surprise

This afternoon about 2 p.m., the tenants of Teamster Manor had a surprise come to their doors. We had a tenant who died earlier in the year and today her friends and family gave us a surprise of Christmas meal package. That was the surprise as well as a thank you from the former tenant’s familly and friends. The Christmas package consisted of a white meat turkey rosat, a can of corn and beans, and two cans of fruit cocktail, a ho-ho, two candy canes (cherry flavored), and a box of mashed potatoes. That was our Christmas surprise! WOW!


This evening, we had carolers come and sing us a few songs. It was beautiful! It really made my Christmas spirit pick me up. Also, I knew one of the carolers which made it more special

The Shock

As I was talking to Nellie Mom about the Christmas surprise, she told me that one of the tenants had died in his sleep while he was at a friend’s house. My mouth dropped to the ground practically. A family this Christmas is going to be without a brother, an uncle, a son, and cousin. Just five days before Christmas! It is not fair!!! He was only 37 years old. The whole building is in shock.

The Blues

That Time of Year

Don’t get me wrong, I love holidays, but ever since my grandma died on October 1, 1997, my holidays have been different. I feeling of sadness rings in the air during the holiday season even though I have always celebrated the holidays with family and/or friends. For the past three years I have made it a tradition to go up to my Aunt Jackie’s for the Christmas holiday so I am not alone for the holidays and feeling even more sad than I care to. Staying at my aunt’s house for the holidays gives me a feeling of home and comfort

and I feel I belong and I am not an outsider. I also get a little bit moody during the holidays as far as gift giving and receiving. I find myself liking tot give more than receive now a days and I do not care if I get a gift anymore. All that matters to me now a days. I consider being with family for the holiday a gift in itself and you can not wrap it and put it under the tree. So I have mixed feelings during the holidays and most celebrated holiday such as Easter, Christmas, Birrthdays, and Anniversaries. I can get a little bit emotional at times because it is me.