The End of My Day/Night

Night is upon us Wisconsinians now at it is 10 p.m. here. My day has ended nicely. I did have company for a few minutes tonight when Nellie Mom came by to check some e-mail out from my compuer but really no company that stayed forever, which was very nice. I know that tomorrow I am going to be busy with cleaning my apartment and rearranging some furniture. I am beginning to feel a yawn come on… “YAWN” Well, this ends my night. Be back tomorrow sometime after I have my place rearranged an if the rearranging works out as planned. Good night. “YAWN” Good night!

Opinion Only

Please do not get me wrong. I read a variety of entries here at Dear Diary and I do enjoy reading other entries…but when swear words are used, I find it sometimes appalling and something I wish not to see. When that happens, I quit reading the entry and try another day./ I am very choosey at times. I must be getting OLD for my ol’ age of thirty-two, huh???

November 26, 2002 / 2

The Personal Ads

I did the silliest thing this morning. Even though it is yet to be reviewed and approved, I put an ad in the personals at Yahoo! Now, after I have done it, I have been thinking about it and it bogs me because I am not really searching for a man yet. I am not yet ready even though a woman at my age of thirty-two would like to have a man in her life. Yes, I do want a man to share my life with but it has to be under the terms of God and not on my terms of what a man should have. I have done that all of my “wanting a man in my life” days and I have run into major snags doing that. Also, I had men in my life when I was not grown up yet. I am growing up everyday but not ready to have a man in my life yet. I still look at the cute men around me as one walks by, etc.. Yes, men are cute in these eye of mine, but I am NOT ready for a relationship beyond friendship and I am yet not sure if I will ever be ready. I will NOT doubt God a man in my life if He wants me to have a man, but I am pretty much done looking about. Marriage does kind of scare me as my parents have divorced in 1970 when I was nine years old, and that was twenty-three years ago now. Time does fly by when you do not know it did. Anyway, a man in my life right now would not be good because I am going to school and working VERY hard at in my classes and school work, and my socializing has been a little bit off because of school and school work.

The Perfect Man

I am finished writing what I think a perfect man. I have weighed the pros and cons of what a perfect man should be for me and I have run into trouble doing that, LOL I am done doing that very thing. I am not looking for a man to marry at this time anyway. If I do not get married, I am not going to fret about it because if I am intended to marry in God’s eyes. I am not to marry. If I am to marry, it is under God’s want for me. Anyway, marriage scares me slightly. I am not ready for commitment exactly. I am used to me being me and I do not like to be cuddlly all the time and most of my boyfriends in the past wanted to be cuddly and practically demanded me to express my feelings and one boyfriend – now friend was the only one who did not demand my feekings being expressed but he did want to cuddle a lot! i did not like that too much. Oh well..that relationship is over and so I am now again single.


I need to go for now. Bye…

November 26, 2002

My Day So Far

My day has been nothing but lazy and low key. It has been, by far the best, quiet here all day long. the only time it was not quiet was when Emilee meowwed her wants to be loving and wanting all of my attention for a length of time. She has been a good girl all day long. She has been a good girl for a long time now and I am very proud of her.

The Sun Has Finally Peeked Out!

We have snow covering the rooftops now, but only a dusting on the ground. It is cold outdoors but it is a wintery cold and not yet a bitter cold. I did not have to go to school today as I am not going back to school until December 2, 2002 which is after the Thanksgiving holiday anyway. The sun has finally peeped out from the grayness that I have experienced most of the morning but for some reason it is not a sunshine warmth that is true. It seems fake and only a pasted yellow and not a real brightness that happens in the warmer months of the year. Oh well…that’s okay anyway.

Maternal Instincts Movie

I have been watching the strangest movie this afternoon called Mathernal Extincts and I think it is really horrific and weird. A woman, portrayed by Delta Burke, is having revenge on thoose who did her wrong in regards to having emergency surgery so she could not have any children. Apparently, doctor played by Beth Broderick, the doctor found cancer in “delta Burke” ovaries. Delta Burke is now seeking revenge on her husaband, doctor, and friend, and anyone involved with the three people. SPOOKY!!!! It iis actually horrible. EEEK!

Just Lazy

It is a perfect day for laziness! More later.