More Entries!

I have to smile right now because I have not written so much in one day for a long time, SMILE. I have had a lot to say today, tonight, and now. It is now past 11 p.m. and I am listening to a movie in the livingroom behind me. What a night this is. Cool!

The New Desk

I do not know if I really mentioned the fact that I got a new desk the other day. If I did, I did not really write about it because I was so excited and happy about getting a good desk for half the price of the original cost by a neighbor who no longer has his computer. I have decided to describe it a bit here. It is in a corner of my apartment – in the living room and now my television is behind me instead of beside me. I have to turn completely around in order to see the television. The desk is fairly big but everything I have fits on the desk as far as the compuer goes. The monitor is no longer so high that it strains my neck to nothingness. I can actually look straight ahead and read what is in front of me! I have a place for my printer, my tower, my monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and DSL modem. I also have a filing cabinet which did not come with the desk. I also have a place to put my disks and CD for the computer, my paperwork/bills, pens and pencils, and water glass. The desk has given my livingroom space which I did not know I had, LOL. The desk is a nice accent to the apartment and I know I can use a nice desk like this for a VERY LONG time. My place does not look messy anymore! Thank goodness for that!

Just Remembering Something

I have this friend who lives in Dodgeville, Wi, and I just remembered something about her just now. She had told me last month, ,when we chatted, that she would cal me on Thanksgiving Day, and my very friend did just that. Just remembering her promise to keep that appointment, made me smile just now. I am sorry, LOL, for the abrupt ending of the last entry! SMILE…

Time to Go

I am going to sign off now. FINALLY. Good nigh!

Pulling a Late Night Tonight

A Quiet Night

I know it is late and I should be in bed right now but I thought I would pull a late night tonight to even out my sleeping pattern so I can go back to school a day after tomorrow. Thanksgiving break is almost over…FINALLY! It is a quiet night tonight. I do not know what all my neighbors are up to this Saturday night but I know that quite a few of them are probably snoring and sound asleep. Me, I am still awake and on this machine of mine that has given me a fine year so far. I have had my computer for a year and seven days now. Cool, huh? Anyway, I am pulling a late n9ght tonight. Tomorrow is the beginning of studyung again for algebra and basic skills math, and college reading.

Looking at the End of the Semester

School will be out for the semester of December 21 – January 13. I will be returning to classes on January 13, 2003 after classes are finished this sesmester, I am beginning to feel the pressures of the last days of classes and so on. I do not know what to think right now. I think tomorrow is my last day of socializing with other people until classes are finished f0r the semester. I have been doing great so far and I am planning on doing great to the end. I will NOT give up now or EVER to be VERY HONEST with you. I have been busy with school and classes that writing in my journal at my school diary will be put off untill next semester, okay? I will make that know tomorroow in my school journal.

A Yawn Coming On!

Of course, with it being late, a yawn is now creeping up on me! LOL

Chatting With a Dear Diary Member Tonight

Tonight, at this late hour, wanting to stay awake a wee bit longer, I am chatting with a Dear Diary member at MSN. I always look forward to chatting with velvetdazzle whenever we have a chance. She seems like a nice girl. In fact, she is the one who has designed my Dear Diary journals off and on because I needed a change. She did a fantastic job and it happened everytime she worked on my Dear Diary look. When we chat, we chat about many things. We chat about life and everything that comes along with the territory of life. We do not chat very often right now because we can not always catch each other on line at the same time. When I do catch her online, it is always a fun time. I think of her as a kind hearted soul with feelings like everyone else, a person with a helpful nature that can not be mastered but by her. When people are helpful, they are all helpful in their own unique way, and that she a pleasant person to know. Sometimes we do not talk for days or weeks but that is okay.

My Evening Here At Home

The Call From Nellie Mom

Nellie Mom has been having troubles with her ankle since she had surgery on it on the 19th of November. Now Nellie has an infection in her ankle and it is real bad. Anyway, I had asked her to call me sometiime today and she promised me she would. I knew that she would have been home all day long taking care of her ankle and staying off of it as doctor ordered. I waited patiently for her phone call all day and by dinner time anyway, she did call…after she had gotten back froom her appointment this afternoon regarding her ankle. The news of her ankle is not yet good news. The doctor took a needle and pulled out so blood and puss right out and they are sending it in to find out kind of infection is growing inside her ankle. Anyway she held to her promise and called me this evening and I had waited all day for it.

More later…after 10 p.m.

Have a movie to watch now.


My Day Today

My Sabbath Day

I spent my Sabbath day at home. Now the sun went down and it is the beginning of a new evening. I slept a little more than usual today but still had time to read, surf the net, and be with Emilee who is sleeping in her house here in the living room. It was quiet all day long except for the occasional passing of another tenant going to their apartment or leaving. One time I heard voices but did not know who was who because I was not really paying attention, and really I do not care who was in the hallway or not. I was safe and happy in my place all day long. NOw my Sabbath is over and I am just a happy woman now. I thought, because I was not at church today, my day seemed slow and rough around the edges, but I survived the day just fine. Now Sabbath is over and I am here writing in my journal

Pajama Day

Because I did not go anywhere special all day long, I stayed in my pajamas all day long. I debated on having a soak or two but decided against it until morning.

Thanksgiving Weekend Is Almost OVer!

I am not upset that Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. I have one more day of the weekend left before I return to school. I am excited, though, to see the weekend come to an end soon.


I do not know what to do now? EEEEK That is NOT good at all! I do not get bored very often on a Saturday. Do you?

Thank You For Comments on Turkey Disaster

Dear Friends…

IamNina and Paulette

I would like to thank you both for your comments to my “turkey disaster”. I appreciate the comments greatly. I personally thought that 100 degrees was not high enough because of the germs and the ickies that come along if something is out in the open too long and not refridgerated, etc… 100 degrees does not seem high enough to kill what spoiled our turkey during the night. I am glad that we had back up from the Salvation Army in our city. I was embarrassed, yes, but te spoiled turkey did not spoil the rest of my day although I did want to find out why it spoiled over night. Anyway, Thanksgiving Day is passed now and I have a weekend of enjoyment, studying for a test, and relaxation with my cat Emilee. I will be glad to go back to school Monday morning, that’s for sure! School is in the future, YES!

I do know that 250 degrees is a lot better than 100 degrees and so the chances of the turkey spoiling over night in the oven will less greater than at the 100 degree temperature. My friend and I are going to buy a turkey from our Pick-N-Save store sometime soon and prepare it correctly the next time and have it for a weekend as our Sabbath enjoyment so we do not have to cook anything during Sabbath hours one weekend. It will be fun then, too.

The turkey disaster happened because of something being done incorrectly. The turkey “bird” was a freebie from our ECHO in our city but I do know it cost them some money. Again, the “bird” was not eaten. It was eliminated from my kitchen as soon as my friend who shared my Thanksgiving with me this year smelled it and it smelled icky. We did not even finish cooking the bird! It was dumped immediately into the trash bins outside our building.

Again Thank you for your comments about the turkey gone bad. I am glad to have heard from you both. Have a good rest of the weekend. Bye for now.



Forgot Something!

I think now I know why I am tired now. It is not just because it is getting late and it is past my bed time now. I have been kind of up since 5 a.m. this morning. I did not feel all that great at that hour which drove me to the bathroom ckeaning myself up from a diarreah spell. I had to clean myself up as well as throw a five year old comforter in the trash. Thank goodness the comforter was underneath me or I would have had diarreah ALL OVER my futon! I could not wash my comforter because of the bulkiness and the mess. That is why the comforter went into the trash. It took me over an hour to get cleaned up and not have any diarreah all over my backside. Anyway, after getting cleaned up, I felt better and the mess did not happen anymore throughout the day thankfully. I am embarrassed slightly but that is a part of life and so embarrassment is a part of life.

A Good Thanksgiving Day

Where Did This Person COme From?

I had Thanksgiving with a neighbor, a friend, this afternoon. He had told me that a friend of his told him how to cook a turkey overnight and we did that, and we COULD NOT eat the turkey because it was spoiled. The way we were told how to cook the turkey had spoiled it because the tempature that was given was not high enough and so overnight, while the turkey was sitting in the oven, it got germs and spoiled. We did not eat the turkey at all because it smelled funny as we were sitting eating our meals from the Salvation Army. We did NOT eat the turkey or even give it a try because of the smell so my friend and I wil not get sickIn fact i am so embarrassed because I have always cooked a turkey at the given temperature of the given turkey and they always turned out fine. I should have KNOWN that 100 degrees tempature did not sound right and it should have been suspicious the minute it was even mentioned but I listened to my friend and my friend listened to this other person he says is a friend. This friend is a BUTCHER??! No way!!! Anyway, we are okay. We did not have a bad Thanksgiving after all. We had a spoiled turkey among us temporarily but it was taken to the dumpster immediately!!!!

<font color="brown"

Thanksgiving Did NOT Go All Bad.

I do have to admit that I did not have my family here or I being with them at all but I did have a good day. I am feeling bad that the turkey did not turn out the way I was told to cook it, but I do not feel bad that my day went just fine. I had company and I did not spend the day entirely alone. The weather was beautiful and the sun shone in the sky and the sky had blue in it today. It was a beuatiful crisp day all day long.

Good Night

With my busy day today, I am now tuckered out and ready to go to bed. I know it is not late since it is not a school night, but I am definitely tuckered out. I think I am going to say good night and shut down my computer for the night and come back tomorrow. I will write more tomorrow. I do have to go to bed. YAWN!


Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I would like to wish all my DD friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Not much is going on right now except a turkey is in the oven getting cooked up for the rest of the weekend and I have a cheese cake in the fridge chilling. A friend of mine is going to come up after the Salvation Army delievers our food between 12 – 1 p.m. this afternoon as we arre not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year. The turkey in the oven is for Sabbath and the rest of the weekend as it is not being cooked for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Been Higher Than a Kite, LOL

I have to laugh because I was higher than a kite all day long yesterday until fairly late. In fact, I was lucky to fall asleep before midnight last night. I was so happy that I was excited about two wonderful things that happened to me. I had gotten an used desk for a reasonable price from a neighbor who no longer has his computer, and then, saving the bst for last, I got a card from my brother and his family including a faamily picture and school pics of the kids. Then, my mind brewing on having Thanksgiving Day with my friend Richard, ws on my mind all day long and night. I was higher than a kite and I did not eat or drink anything, or even take any medication that would have caused me to be so happy or higher than a kite. LOL


Today being Thanksgiving Day, the sun is out today and the air crisp and chilled but not a cold brisk that makes me what to close the window right now. It is beautiful out for Thanksgiving. God has MADE this day a beautiful day for such a holiday.

Correction on Pagan Holidays

I have learned a couple of days ago that Thanksgiving is one holiday that is not pagan. People might disagree with me and that’s ok. Easter, Christmas, Halloween are pagan holidays. I do know that Thanksgiving was created when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and the indians on that land helped the pilgrims settle and Thanksgiving came from that time period. HERE I THOUGHT THAT THANKSGIVING WAS A PAGAN HOLIDAY! Sorry for the error.



The End of My Day/Night

Night is upon us Wisconsinians now at it is 10 p.m. here. My day has ended nicely. I did have company for a few minutes tonight when Nellie Mom came by to check some e-mail out from my compuer but really no company that stayed forever, which was very nice. I know that tomorrow I am going to be busy with cleaning my apartment and rearranging some furniture. I am beginning to feel a yawn come on… “YAWN” Well, this ends my night. Be back tomorrow sometime after I have my place rearranged an if the rearranging works out as planned. Good night. “YAWN” Good night!

Opinion Only

Please do not get me wrong. I read a variety of entries here at Dear Diary and I do enjoy reading other entries…but when swear words are used, I find it sometimes appalling and something I wish not to see. When that happens, I quit reading the entry and try another day./ I am very choosey at times. I must be getting OLD for my ol’ age of thirty-two, huh???