Those Hormones!

I HATE those hormone changes. I do not always feel chipper or cheerful. Right noow with the changes beginning to happen because my period is coming in a few days, the tears just want to burst through for no reason whatsoever. It is kind of scary because I am not sure if I am sane ir going insane sometimes, and I am noot sure if I need to take any Buspar for the moodiness I constantly feel during the hirminal changes. I get confused a lot during the hormonal changes as well as sensitive. I can be insensitive as well to be very honest with you. Life is not always a bowl of ripe cherries, is it? Life is a mystery all the time believe me.

My Day Today

I did not have to go to school today so I stayed home all day long. I did not leave my apartment at all and I did not even get dressed for the day. I thought, since I was not going anywhere, why bother getting dressed. If something did get me out of the apartment, I could get dressed in seconds and be ready to go. It has been quiet after my cleaning lady “R” left before noon. She had come earlier than 11 a.m.. Because I did not have to go to school today, I slept in until 8:30 a.m. again! I hate that when that happens but oh well…that’s life. My day has not at all been boring whatsoever. It has been relaxing and fun, and quiet all at one time. Really not a whole lot really happened today except getting Algebra homework done before tomorrow’s class.

My Day Now Over

It is a little after 9 p.m.. My day is now over. TIme for bed actually. I can not keep my eye open much longer now. It has been a very good day all day long. Quite a few people have made my day go well and smoothly to be very honest with you. To top it off, I am going ot say good nght now and I will be home all day tomorrow so I “try” to find time to write something tomorrow. I do have my cleaning lady coming tomorrow at 11 a.m. or so and then I will be doing some school work and studying. Right now, to be very honest with you, I was going to study tonight but I only got so far as to getting my school bag out of the kitchen into the livingroom and opening the bag to expose the books and papers in it to be reviewed. Emilee is sleeping on the back of the recliner, which I should be doing as well…not sleeping on the bakc of the recliner anyway but be getting into bed for the night. I can barely keep these eyes open really anyway. The television is on the Court TV channel with the program The System airing and I am not really paying attention to it because I am on line writing this entry and what is being discussed tonight is beyond my understanding anyway because I am so tired now from my big, long day. I will be back tomorrow. Bye for now

My New Phone

I got rid of my previous phone that was from Ameritech and got oa phone with caller ID with it. It is a Wisconsin Bell brand phone. I like it but it can wake up the dead! LOL It is gray and it is smaller than any other phone I have ever had in the past. Even the base is smaller than what I am used to seeing. Technology is getting more compact isn’t it? :) Now, being a little after 8:30 p.m., I think my phone is done being used tonight but I can not be too sure. LOL I am not expecting any more phone calls tonight. Hopefully. It is almost time for me to go to bed anyway because I do have school tomorrow.

Feeling Back to Normal

I was looking forward to going back to schoolall summer long and yesterday was the big day I was looking forward to. I am feeling now, with school and classes to look forward to on a daily basis, I am getting back on track. No more sitting around the house all day long watching television, sleeping, staying in pajamas all day long all week long, reading, and beoing bored to death. Plans to go to school daily is a great feeling. I am away from my apartment for a few hours and then I can come home and relax awhile before getting at my studies. I purposely am trying to get to my studies at school than my studies at home are more at ease than a neccessity. I want to be able to relax and give time to Emilee who is home all day without me around for so many hours. I am feeling less depressed now that i have school to look forward to on a daily basis.

School is Not That Far Behind Now!

School starts tomorrow for me. I am SO very EXCITED and happy. No more sleeping in this week except for Thurday because I am expecting Rose to come to help clean my apartment – At least I think she is coming this Thursday, LOL I really do not have much more to say right now except for the fact that I have some nervousness in my stomach regarding going back to school and my body is aching slightly at the elbows and knees. The ache is slightly unbearable, but what is new with this girl? Really… I will be retiring to bed early tonight and get my body set up for the next nine weeks of going to school four to five days a week and having only the weekends to myself and Emilee Cuddles. In fact, I have NOT SEEN Emilee since 4 p.m. this afternoon when I came back from checking on my neighbor’s cat Oreo for the night Gotta run! Good night everyone!

Sorry, Haven’t Been Here a Couple of Days

I just wanted to let you know that I would have been here yesterday but I was gone yesterday afternoon but plans to run some errands and go fishing was in the plans, but when Mark and I got to BTC to pick up my books for school but when we were going to leave to go to the bank and then fishing, his truck WOULD NOT START! I ended up calling my friend Nana to pick me uo in the BTC parking lot and she took me o the bank real quick, then we went for a quick bite to eat and got an ice cream at Frosty Freeze. Then, when we got home, a little after 6 p.m., a major t-storm hit us pretty hard until late. Even tonight we are at risk for another storm! So I will be back as soon as I van to write more. I have to run for now. Good night.

I Am Disgusted!

I have been wakting patiently for my food to arrive from the company I have been ordering from for the past few months. In fact, they never showed up at 1 p.m. this afternon when they are usually here and they never came while I was out to lunch with my friend. It is 7:15 p.m. now and they have not yet been here! I am not thrilled at all. I can not believe that this has happened at all. I am at the point right now where the time just goes on and on without even a word from them about my order. I do know that my order is on the truck somewhere. Did they forget? Is the driver hurt or something? Where is my food?! I can not understand why my food has not arrived yet or why no one has returned my call regarding the wherabouts of my food. I doubt it very much if my food was dropped off with another tenant. If my food was left with another tenant, it would be with the manager or the manager back up if the manager is not home or here for some reason or another. There are tenants in this building who are not at all trustworthy or people we need to be careful about. I am disgusted that I am so close to tears as to where is my food. The food I ordered is not at all cheap and I could not see the driver leaving my food with a total stranger! I feel like I am getting to tohe point in my disgust I had felt not too long ago like this past Saturday when my friend could not spend the night. I hope I find out what has happened soon or i will be doing some calling tomorrow as soon as I get up in the morning. i will be very happy and relieved if my food does come yet tonight even if it might be late.

Ready For My Day Now

I have been up since 8:07 a.m. this morning. Had fed my cat Emilee, took my medications, got the computer up and running for the day, read The Great Controversy book finishing the chapter I began reading last night, got on line to check all my e-mails in various places, ate breakfast of fruit and texas toast. The texas toast bread being a little bit too big for regular toaster, I toasted the bread right in the oven for ten minutes. Don’t worry, the bread DoES NOT get burned in the oven for that length of time. I have done it several times now. I had gotten dressed for the day the minute I got up for the morning because I know I am having someone deliver food to my place at 1 p.m., then i am going to go to lunch with a dear friend who is a former teacher from my middle school days unless something changes between and 2 p.m.. Otherwise, I believe it would be another pajama day onoce again if i did not have anything planned, LOL 😀

It is now 11 p.m. and three hours of my day has already begun. Matlock is on TBS right now but since I have already seen it a dozen or more times, I am just listening to it while I am having fun on my computer before my afternoon gets fairly busy. I can not wait to have Schwans come and deliver the food I have ordered at the beginning of this month. I really think, even though it can get expensive, I get the best quality food I can not get in a grocery store. After the delivery man leaves, I will be going out to dinner with a former teacher friend of mine. What a busy time inbetween time…NOT, LOL It is quiet and not at all busy now. I do have to go now, though. Bye for now.