Those Hormones!

I HATE those hormone changes. I do not always feel chipper or cheerful. Right noow with the changes beginning to happen because my period is coming in a few days, the tears just want to burst through for no reason whatsoever. It is kind of scary because I am not sure if I am sane ir going insane sometimes, and I am noot sure if I need to take any Buspar for the moodiness I constantly feel during the hirminal changes. I get confused a lot during the hormonal changes as well as sensitive. I can be insensitive as well to be very honest with you. Life is not always a bowl of ripe cherries, is it? Life is a mystery all the time believe me.

My Day Today

I did not have to go to school today so I stayed home all day long. I did not leave my apartment at all and I did not even get dressed for the day. I thought, since I was not going anywhere, why bother getting dressed. If something did get me out of the apartment, I could get dressed in seconds and be ready to go. It has been quiet after my cleaning lady “R” left before noon. She had come earlier than 11 a.m.. Because I did not have to go to school today, I slept in until 8:30 a.m. again! I hate that when that happens but oh well…that’s life. My day has not at all been boring whatsoever. It has been relaxing and fun, and quiet all at one time. Really not a whole lot really happened today except getting Algebra homework done before tomorrow’s class.