My Day Today

Today has been a very beautiful day. I had an appointment this morning with my DVR counselor about a block and a half away from my place at 10 a.m. When I left this morning, I had told my cat Emilee about what time I would be home and when I got home from my appointment I had gotten a scolding from my cat because I was late getting home! I was fifteen minutes late getting home and I had gotten an earful from my cat Emilee? Yes, I sure did. I think my cat can tell time, LOL

Today is my friend Mark’s 29th birthday and so I called him and had my Happy Birthday Smiley Guy sing him his Happy Birthday song and when I had gotten home I had gotten a call from him to have me call him back. I had asked him if he got his birthday surprise and he remarked saying that he definitely heard it and that I must really like that Birthday Smiley Guy and I told him yep!

Well, ever since I have been home from my appointment I have been home (indoors) all day resting and catnapping on my futon. I did not sleep well the night before so my sleep is getting caught up in the late afternoon yesterday and today and things seem to be caught up now. This is the first time I have been on line all day long. My first entry was my first entry all day long. I am not even sure if I am going to be online long today or tonight. I was so tired yesterday all day long that I had vowed I would go to bed early last night but because of the addiction to the Internet, getting to bed early last night did not happen. I had felt tired all day long that when I finally fell asleep, it was after midnight with my television still on! LOL I do not know if I will get to bed fairly early tonight either. That is still a big question for my night.

I will have to say good night once again. Good night!

A Dreamless Night

Alas, no bad dreams or nightmares remembered this morning! What a relief from dreams. I still don’t know what caused those dreams in the first place to all of a sudden surface. My adoptive Mom and I talked briefly about what could have caused the nightmares to happen and she did ask if I watched any television movies or programs that could have triggered the nightmares and I told her truthfully that no horror flicks were watched. I guess now that my nightmarish dreams are in the past and today I am nightmare or bad dream free. I am not going to even find out why my bad dreams surfaced now. They are over for the time being. Thank goodness! 😀