Time Just Seems So…

Fast! I had gotten back from my brother’s on the 30th and the following Saturday my mom was going to be in town and then three days later my dad is here visiting family. Time just seems so…I can not say

Well, anyway, I have to run. More when I get home on my own computer.


I have been seeing family for the past three weeks as if this summer was planned. I had gone to see my family in PA, my mom and stepdad had come to visit for a couple of days in Wisconsin and were staying with a couple of friends of theirs. My dad and his family had come from out of state to visit family in IL and WI and that is where I am right now. I am using ny Aunt’s computer to get on line for a while but I am noticing the darkness forming in the sky that spells out R A I N and possibly a storm. It has been, FINALLY, cool and comfortable. Right now my Aunt is having a coffee time with her Mom, Grandma, and other relatives. I had gotten back from my another Aunt’s place because my Aunt had to work. I will be going home Friday morning.