I Had a Good Weekend!

While Emilee ruled the roost, I had a great weekend getaway. I did, however, miss my kid (cat, Emilee). I saw friends and family this weekend at Campmeeting 2002 for my denomination and I went to a few meetings this weekend and had gotten a lot of spiritual food in my heart to keep forever in this soul of mine. It was definitely not quiet because there were people and kids all about me because the cabins, campers, and tents were pretty close. I slept well both nights even though Saturday night I did have troubles getting to sleep early and when I did wake up to run to the bathroom, it was only 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. that I had awakened. Where I was away for the weekend, the bathroom was the nearest shower and bath building a walking distance up the road. It was not a hop, skip, and a jump away at all! I almost, laughing about it and did, go to the bathroom in my pats, LOL Now my weekend is over and I have to get ready for my next trip which is just about a day away now.

One Good Cat

I have not written an entry about my cat Emilee in a long time! In fact, I don’t remember when and if I wrote an entry just about my cat. I would have to go all the way back to the first entry to the present and I know I have a lot of entries written so far.

I was gone this weekend and a friend of mine took care of Emilee while I was away. Emilee was a very good cat while I was away but she did get huffy and hissy while I was away to the caregiver. I guess, even though she has been very good for a very long time, she still has her old self in her – that huffing and hissing. I personally think, while I was not here, she was ruling the roost and doing her duty as she was expected and asked. I do know that she will be ruling the roost again for a few days very shortly and she is a very good guard cat at times of need. Believe me…she is HAPPY to have me home for the time being. What a cat I have.