School’s Out for the Week

I am done with my classes this week now. I won’t be here tomorrow at all since I have a luncheon with two friends of mine and then a Mother/Daughter dinner to go to tomorrow night. I have a busy week this week and boy oh boy do I ever have a lot of words to write today. When will I just be quiet and let my day rest in peace along with my heart and mind being at peace for a change – for the past five days to be exact. I am going to be going home shortly and meeting my friend at the bus terminal this afternoon to go to the bowling banquet tonight. How exciting!! Dinner out again, lol…tomorrow noon and night. When will the eating out stop? Probably in my case…NEVER! LOL Well, I have a half an hour left before I am out of here/school for the wweekend. Good bye for now. I will be back later if I am not too tired when I get home from the banquet. Who knows, I will probably wait until tomorrow morning to get on my computer at home…I don’t know yet. I think I am getting tired of computers for the day actually. I can not stare into a computer screen anymore like I used to – all day long…my life is more boring that way. Later…

Life in General

Don’t worry…I am not renegging on my own thoughts from my last entry. Life in General title is not saying that I am upset with anything at this time. My day has been busy. I got my homework done for both classes finished so I can relax over the weekend and not worry about having any necessary homework to do for Monday. My Business Law class was cancelled for the day for some reason or another. I am a tad bit unhappy about that because a lot of money is going towards this clas – both classes – and I like Business Law even though it can be tough at times. Life in general can be tough at times I know. Even though I am not taking any medication for anxiety and depression at this time, I still consider myself with an anxiety disorder. I believe that will never change. Anyway, I am having a good day. I did get an unexpected time off to do other things than being in class for the day. Oh well, my Economics assignment is finished for the weekend and I can hand it in today to my instructor when class begins at one o’clock.

I will be back later. Good bye

Looking Through the World With Different Eyes II

My class was canvelled this morning…unhappy sigh. At least I have my Econ. homework done so I don’t have that hangong over my head this weekend since the project is due on Monday of next week. I have the projects done for BL done as well but I am going to look over my work and make sure I have everything I want done is done. I was beginning to talk about Looking Through the World With Different Eyes earlier but I only had a few minutes to spare. Due to BL being cancelled, I have plenty of time before Economics begins at one o’clock. I can get to the project I had started here and probably finished before my next and last class for the day, but I have to rethink what I wanted to write in the first place…I HATE THAT!…LOL

I have not been taking any of my anxiety and depression medication since Thursday morning and I have been feeling pretty perky and upbeat instead of being in fog-like stage and just going through the motions of life just to pass the day away smoothly and surely. The decision of not taking my medications was okayed by my doctor who knows I have been on the medication for some time. I am not sure of what two medications, Prozac and Xanax were causing me to be in a fog-like stage or not but I have an inkling that it had a lot to do with the Xanax. The Prozac could have been the reason as well. Well, the doctor and myself are going to keep an eye on me while I go through this transition in my life and I surely am very comfortable with that at this point. Anyway, being somewhat doped up just to live a day the best I could was becoming a concern between some friends and myself. I am now taking medication only related to my transplanted kidney of fourteen years.

I have, since Thursday, been seeing my life being played on an even keel instead of a rocky one. I do have to admit that I am feeling a little much like a woman with this period of mine right now but it surely isn’t bad at all. Now, with the anxiety and depression behind me and I am fighting every fight possible in a good way, I don’t feel like a dope anymore. I have been sleeping well at night and through the night without any problem since Friday morning. I still feel a little anxious now and then of course but I surely can tolerate it and deal with it with help from God. I know I can not fight this fight alone. I would be very lonely if I was fighting this fight alone because I wouldn’t have God there to protect, help, and be there for me otherwise. i see things through my eyes a little bit differently at this time and I know it is going to get better instiead of worse for me if I keep an even keel of my life as I have been since Friday morning.

Looking Through the World With Different Eyes I

It may be strange of me to say such words, but since Thursday I have been looking at the world with different eyes. Oh…I still have the same eyes I was born with, but lately, my world has been very different. I am seeing the world through different eyes lately and I do find it somewhat scary but livable and acceptable.

I have to go to class now, but I plan to be back later.

To be continued…