Thank You, Melange

I have to laugh somewhat because I had to go back to reread what I commented about from the 18th. Yes, my “nana’. even though she is a surrogate Grandma to me, is a very special woman. Even my surrogate Mom is special to me, too. We need to have special people in our lives and in your case it is your kids who pamper you now and then. What they did for you was special and meaningful to them and it will be cherished forever in their hearts as well as your own heart. You see, I have a cat, who I consider my child since I don’t have children of my own now, and she is pampered all the time – that spoiled kitty – anyway, she is my pride and joy…one of my pride and joys of my life anyway. She is spoiled rotten but she does not get away with being somewhat psychotic now and then, lol. Her mind acts like it snaps from one mind to another sometimes but I know she is not pyschotic, lol

Sometimes Those Feelings of Hestitation Happen

Today is the day I go to the benefit for my friend Christine. My friend is fighting cancer and is raising money to pay the medical bills of her treatment and I am having mixed feelings today. I don’t know if I should cry or be happy as the feelings I am feeling are mixed up and strange. I am not going to hesitate about going or anything because these legs of mine are going to the benefit and I am going to see that friend rather this is the last time or not the last time I will see her alive. I just don’t know. My cat Emilee is sticking close to me today and at this time she is being very loveable, kissy, and talkative. Amazing girl she can be. I don’t doubt an animals intelligence or understanding of things whether or not they can understand what you say or do. She just purred and meowed her hello to me as I bent down to give her a kiss on the forehead. I had to take a break from my writing here and feed her as she was also hungry and thirsty already this morning.

I don’t really have a whole lot of time to write now as I have to get myself going and ready for the benefit this afternoon. I have to take a shower/bath yet! It is going on 8 a.m. now and I have been up since 5:15 a.m. this morning ready to go for my day. I had fallen asleep last night before the Perry Mason Mystery was even over as I was watching that last night! I remember waking up, to the television and shutting it off, at 11:45 p.m. last night and falling back to sleep on the couch. I was planning on NOT sleeping on the couch last night but there I stayed all night anyway, lol! I was so comfortable I guess, hey…

This might not be the only entry I write today but the weather does look a little bleak this morning – more rain heading our way, I don’t know. I do know that we were expecting to have four to six inches of snow today but all I see is greenness of the ground and a wetness from dew and a cloudy sky that does not eevn threat the word SNOW in the plans today. It did not even feel that terribly cold this morning when I walked into my bedroom, where I should have been sleeping all night, to close the bedroom windows. In fact it was a cool Spring morning coolness in the air that I felt.

Well, I better be going now. Later…

To be continued….