What a Day!!

Today has been somewhat of what I did not expect. Did I just make no sense here? LOL My friend Kathy had dropped by this afternoon because she was taking care of a neighbor in the building here and I fell asleep on her – not being the best host whatsoever. I had fallen asleep between the cartoon Doug and Pepper Ann – my favorite cartoon shows on Disney. For some odd reason, probably because I was wanting to rest, I did not really want company but that’s okay because Kathy fell asleep while sitting in my recliner in my livingroom while I slept on the couch for a while.

Well, the weather looks like a storm is heading our way sometime this afternoon later so I am going to log off the computer for the day and come back as soon as the storm passes and the threat is gone an the computer can be turned back on. I never have my computer on during a storm or any threatening weather unless it is not storming – thundering. My cat Emilee does not like storms very much and she is getting a little leary of the weather starting to change now so I have to be there for her to comfort her during the rough time of her life – not liking the storms in the world. Emilee was sitting next to me on the chair, on top of my Business Law homework, book, wanting to be by me for a while. I better go and be prepared for her needs for when the storm comes later this afternoon. Anyway, my favorite Law Show, Judge Judy is on and I hate to miss her program. I think Judge Judy is a good judge to watch to as she does not put up with anything outrageous.

Just Rambling Today…

I may not be able to be on later today so I am deciding to be on line right now while I am at home from school today. I had awakened a little after 8 a.m. to my surrogate Mom knocking at my door for something – to see me for a minute. I have been up since. Today we are expecting t-storms as I mentioned yesterday in an entry so I will not be on during the storm. Because my day is just beginning I really don’t have a whole lot to say right now. if the weather is not storming later, I will be back, but if it is, I will be back tomorrow sometime. I have to do some schoolwork for Monday and Wednesday anyway. Good bye for now. Sorry about the fact that I don’t have a whole lot to say right now. Right now I am just rambling, LOL