I do have to admit that I did not get back on line last night…but got on this morning for a while before I left for school but did not get on line until a few minutes before my friend G came up to go to school with me. I went to school today, even though I was feeling ill with a cold and got some homework done. Tomorrow, another day of classes, I plan on going to school and getting home as soon as possible after I leave Economics a little early. No, I am not feeling well…yuck!!!

School is Out for the Day

I am sitting here waiting for the time to go and catch the bus to go homoe for the day. School is out for the day for me, yeah! I am looking forward to getting home and relax a bit and then hit the ol’ books once again before the night is through. I did have a good day even though it is one of those Mondays I hate altogether. I am feeling pretty good emotionally for a change – all week long that has happened so far! I have to give myself credit for that. I don’t know where that sleepy state has come from since yesterday but the sun is out and the warmth is out there comparing to the cold weekend.

I will write more later tonight if I

get on line on my computer

tonight. Good bye for now.

Today is Definitely a Monday

Oh how much I wish I could have slept in this morning, lol…I was definitely spoiled yesterday sleeping in until 10:30 a.m.. I felt somewhat sleepy yet at 7 a.m. even though I had my alarm set for 7:25 a.m. this morning. I just felt that, even though I was still fairly sleepy, I would get up and get ready for school for the day. I am glad, though, that I did not play hookey today from school. I hate playing hookey to be honest with you. With my ongoing record of not missing classes, I am on a roll having a perfect attendance with my major classes. Today is definitely a Monday, and doesn’t Garfield hate Mondays? SMILE :)

I will write more later…as the day progresses. I have class in a while.

My Sunday Afternoon and Evening

Today, even though it was cold and wet looking all day long, it has been a fine day. I watched the Lakers with G and another neighbor Linda. The Lakers won, but that is the least of my worries of what happened shortly before the Laker game really got into full swing and it was during the first quarter of the first half. G went had a diabetic down and his blood sugar went down to the twenties. With the signs of his diabetes not in sight, he was sleepy and really out of it – just like the other night when we watched the Laker game up here in my place at 9:30 p.m. that evening. He was out of it then – sleeping in the recliner in my livingroom. Well, I noticed the sign of his sleepy state again this afternoon and went to get Mom in her apartment…it turned out that she had to feed him in order to get his blood sugar up again. It took some time to get his blood sugar up to the required level and even the feeding was still showing signs of low blood sugar. i had become a little frightened in my heart as I sat there watching Mom feeding him without G getting upset and protesting. I was thinking of the one night the ambulance had come to the apartment complex twice for G and the second time he was shuttled to the hospital in the ambulance and did not get home until three o’clock the following morning. I was also angered at the fact that the neighbor, mentioned earlier in this journal entry did not do anything for G until it was almost too late not too long ago. This same person watched the afternoon Laker game with us and that even made me a little unsure of her presence in the same room as G and I. Linda is different but a likeable person.

Mom and I got G on the even keel of his diabetes after some time without the ambulance having to be called – thank goodness – and my heart jumped with glee because I was able to get Mom in time before we could have lost him. The fact of losing G now is a big possibility but as long as I can help it, I will not allow G to die with a diabetic down on my conscience. The Laker game went on at full force with G missing the first and second quarter of the game, but when he did come back, he did come back with the knowledge of who was who, who was winning the game so far, and most of all better spirits. G, Linda, and I finished watching the Laker game in hopes that the Lakers would win.

Right now, a break from my entry writing, Emilee is sitting on the table next to me while I sit and work on my entry for the night. She has been a good girl and hoping that I did not jinx her goodness to become naughty within hours. Back to my entry here…

Well, the Lakers did win the game by one point against the Portland team – the Porland Trail Blazers…Now I get the name of the team! LOL

Greg had come up a little before 9 p.m. and we watched a television program. I am off to bed now since it is a little after ten o’clock in the evening now. Good night! Hope everyone has a good night.

My Weekend…

I do have to admit, even though the weather has been very rainy and cool, my weekend has been great. Yesterday I went to church with friends and then my two friends and I spent lunch and a Christian video together, then we all departed – until 8 p.m. – to take a nap. Yes, all three of us took a nap. We departed and went to our own places to take a nap. As dark as it was yesterday afternoon because it was raining all day, I had slept from 3:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. not sure if it was day or night, or the next day which would be today. I had called my surrogate Mom last night about 7 p.m. wondering if it was a.m. or p.m., day or night or the next day. I felt awkward when I had awakened because I had a weird, nightmarish dream that scared me half to death. I don’t remember the dream exactly but I do know that it was scary enough…and I had not known for sure what was going on at the moment.

At 8 p.m. the three of us, who spent the morning and afternoon together, had gotten together to play Yahtzee in the community room where fun was found for over an hour, then G and I went for a walk on all three floors of the apartment complex to get our walk in for the day since we did not get a chance to have a wwalk outdoors all day yesterday due to the rainy weather all day long. After G and I had our walk, both of us went to Mom’s apartment where we visited for a while, watching a tail end of an NBA game, Detriot Pistons against the ?? (I forgot the other team!!! LOL Then, before midnight I had left Mom’s apartment, with G walking me to my place and giving me a hug goodnight, going to bed myself after watching part of a movie which was so boring that I went to bed and slept until 10:30 a.m. this morning.

Today has been a fairly lazy day all day long. I can not wait until tomorrow where school will resume for the week for me. Having no Business Law class Wednesday, Wednesday was a long day for me…a very long day making my weekend look pleasant and upbeat for a change. I was looking for the weekend so much and I am practically dreading the fact that the weekend is almost over. Phooey! This afternoon I am planning on watching the third Laker game with G – hoping that the Lakers win tonight…for G’s sake as well as mine. That is the only team I really like and G is a laker fan.

I have to run for now. If I have time later to write in my journal, I will, but it will be after the Laker game and I gte back to my place from the community room. The weather looks iffy again as far as the weather goes but I will try to be back later if time is available as well as the weather permits.

Somewhat of a Lazy Day

AHHH! What a lazy day this beautiful day is. The sun is shining and the air is cool but not too cool to be unbearable. I have my bedroom and livingroom windows open to allow fresh air into my fairly roomy place – a one bedroom apartment. My friend Kathy and I are going to the Mother/Daughter dinner tonight at her Pastor’s home and it sounds like a lot of fun and it is exciting by the sound of it – Italian food!! YUM! Well, this morning I did not get to bed until after 2:30 a.m. because I had watched the Laker game with my friend G last night and then he went home or so he said he was going to home. My surrogate Mom called me shotly before 1 o’clock in the a.m. telling me that the game was over and Greg should be going home. I told her that he had left minutes before that and that he did seem tired and somewhat out of it but it was not a diabetic tired look. After we talked, we hung up and minutes later Mom called back and said that Greg was not at his apartment and that worried me to death. I had called Mom back and told her that I would like her to call me back…but instead of waiting for her call back, I got my pants on and top and slippers and went to Mom’s place to help her find Greg. This had happened within an hour and we were sitting in Mom’s apartment livingroom and were worried. Before 3 a.m., Mom and I went back to G’s apartment and found him in the livingroom eating a sandwich, and to me he sounded less tired and not out of it as he was earlier. Mom was trying to get out of him where he was and he keep saying that he was in the elevator for a long time – and if he was in the elevator, why did I not run into him while going down to Mom’s place? it did not make any sense. Mom and I talked for a few minutes after that knowing where he possibly was during that time we were looking for him, and then I came back to my place and went to bed – but I had gotten a call from G saying that he was sorry that he worried me and Mom.

You see, I have had an experience I would never forget. I will never know where G really was during that hour but I can only speculate. I was worried about G and I was not going to rest with my mission uncompleted last night…so I stayed up with Mom until we had completed the mission and felt sure and secure. You see, G is a diabetic and he tends to have moments of highs and lows throughout the day and Mom and I get concerned for his health especially as brittle as it may seem more everyday. I did not get to sleep until after 3 a.m. this morning so I only got a few hours of sleep – not the recommended eight hours to have adequate sleep. I feel so lazy this Friday…LOL Here I am going to a Mother/Daughter dinner tonight and I am kind of tired and wanting to stay home tonight but I have plans to keep and i don’t like to break a promise to a dear friend now a days. This Mother/Daughter dinner was mentioned a couple of weeks ago and I already told my friend that I would go with her and she did write my name down. I will be fine, though…that’s a promise.

More Later…</center

Good Morning

I will be back later to write more, but I thought I would quicklly write good morning to everyone this morning. I am going out to eat this morning. There was an error on my part about dinner tonight – that Mother/Daughter dinner is tomorrow night…oops, my error. Today is my friend Kathy’s 62nd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, K! I have to run and get ready for lunch so I will be back later. Bye for now.

School’s Out for the Week

I am done with my classes this week now. I won’t be here tomorrow at all since I have a luncheon with two friends of mine and then a Mother/Daughter dinner to go to tomorrow night. I have a busy week this week and boy oh boy do I ever have a lot of words to write today. When will I just be quiet and let my day rest in peace along with my heart and mind being at peace for a change – for the past five days to be exact. I am going to be going home shortly and meeting my friend at the bus terminal this afternoon to go to the bowling banquet tonight. How exciting!! Dinner out again, lol…tomorrow noon and night. When will the eating out stop? Probably in my case…NEVER! LOL Well, I have a half an hour left before I am out of here/school for the wweekend. Good bye for now. I will be back later if I am not too tired when I get home from the banquet. Who knows, I will probably wait until tomorrow morning to get on my computer at home…I don’t know yet. I think I am getting tired of computers for the day actually. I can not stare into a computer screen anymore like I used to – all day long…my life is more boring that way. Later…

Life in General

Don’t worry…I am not renegging on my own thoughts from my last entry. Life in General title is not saying that I am upset with anything at this time. My day has been busy. I got my homework done for both classes finished so I can relax over the weekend and not worry about having any necessary homework to do for Monday. My Business Law class was cancelled for the day for some reason or another. I am a tad bit unhappy about that because a lot of money is going towards this clas – both classes – and I like Business Law even though it can be tough at times. Life in general can be tough at times I know. Even though I am not taking any medication for anxiety and depression at this time, I still consider myself with an anxiety disorder. I believe that will never change. Anyway, I am having a good day. I did get an unexpected time off to do other things than being in class for the day. Oh well, my Economics assignment is finished for the weekend and I can hand it in today to my instructor when class begins at one o’clock.

I will be back later. Good bye