Spring Cleaning Begins

I don’t know what got over me after I got home from school – especially after the fact that I did not leave school until after 4 p.m. I literally got sick and tired of all the stuff on my kitchen table and was getting sick and tired of having my computer sitting on a coffee table – and I moved it onto my kitchen table after moving everything off one table. I am – sooner or later this weekend – going to rearrange my livingroom. Right now my kitchen has a big space in it because I moved the garbage container behind the bathroom door and moved the kitchen table where my coffee table once had the computer on it. No more typing and reclining at the same time now…YEAH I was kind of getting a neck ache. Now I use my kitchen table as a computer desk and nothing will go on the “new” kitchen table computer desk except computer stuff. The monitor was the heaviest to lift as I have only one good arm to use and one weaker but yet usable. I had, carefully positioned myself with the lifting of the monitor and quickly turning around and putting the monitor on the table where I wanted it. After getting all the computer parts on the table = “new” deak. along with the printer, I removed the coffee table and had to scoot it into the bathroom for a short time before I took the rest of the junk off and tipped the coffee table sideways so I could take scoot into my bedroom temporarily. I am NOT going to keep it! It is out of here and anyone in the building can have it for FREE! It takes up too much room. I personally think that I have too much stuff in my apartment anyways and I am ready for a livingroom change. I have had the same look since I moved here five years ago! The look is getting kind of boring now…so boring. I have some nice things, though. My furniture is in good shape.

Well gang, since it is now that I have my computer in a different spot, I am actually sitting in a kitchen table chair and it is getting kind of late. This place has very thin walls and I don’t want to wake up the neighbor below me scooting my chair across the kitchen floor. I am going to have to change my hours a bit regarding the computer so I may not be on real late anymore unless I make an agreement with my downstairs neighbor because there are nights I am sleeping less and am sleepless. Good night for now

Happy Weekend and Easter

Tomorrow we do not have school as it is Good Friday and so I have a three day weekend. Anyway, I have never gone to school on a Friday as I find my Fridays a day off from the four day week of school, studying, and classes. I am, whether the weather permits it, I am going to have a good weekend again as my friend J is going to spend the night and it is her 24th birthday Saturday. J is such a nice girl and I am glad to have her as a friend, who I met at school at Blackhawk Technical College and we have a lot of things in common. In fact, I have not seen J so happy after she met my dear friend M.E.E. – now they are seeing each other and are girlfriend/boyfriend. Those two friends of mine, so much alike, are so happy that I have brought the together and they met. I did tell them that I was not “Miss Matchmaker” and they were going to meet and what goes on from there is out of my control but J says that I am Miss Matchmaker – SMILE.

Sunday is Easter and I don’t know what my plans are exactly even though I have been invited to two places – almost three, lol. Depending on the weather I plan to go to my friend Kathy’s to have dinner for Easter but if the weather does not cooperate, I am going to stay home and have dinner with my neighbor and her family as the invitation was open to me a week ago.

Well, tomorrow is my mom’s 58th birthday. I can not believe that time has gone by so quickly. Next Friday my dad will be 60! WOW!

Well, Everyone at DD, I would like to wish you all a happy weekend and Easter. I plan to be back later, if the weather permits and is cooperative, though. See you soon.