I was planning on doing my Business Law studying when i got home fromo school and rested up a bit. i had no problem starting my studying – writing the words and definitions in a word processor I use here at home and about half way through my word processor program decided to shut down on me and I had LOST everything that I have already began. It pays to save your homework on a floppy disk or on the hard drive so if that happens you can brng up what you have saved before the program or any program decides to shut down or be stubborn. Oh boy, having that happen was very frustrating but not the end of the world. After that incident, even though I shouldn’t have, closed the book with the thought “Oh great and I was just about done!”. At least I have two chapters done and on a disk at school and i can study at school when i get back in the morning before 9 a.m.. Computers are so funny sometimes but then they are man made machines and are used for almost everything now, but I sure do love this computer for both work and play.

I think that I will reopen my Business Law textbook and restart the words and definitions tomorrow now – yes tomoorrow.

Well, it is getting late and I better go now. Good night.

This Must Be One of Those Days…LOL

My my, what a day! It has been long and tiring but worth the day. IO was reading a comment, at another place and I just about went through the floor with what I was reading. I think, my opinion only, I was misunderstood by the reader who left the comment even though what she wrote was right. i deleted her comment because I felt it was more a private comment than a public one and I am not mad at this person for leavinig the comment, but I feel that I was misunderstood…which happens a lot because I do go in circles sometimes. I am kmk1989 here at DD as well because I have two journals to keep up – a spiritual one and then a personal/daily one here as ksmiley. I did ask for anyone to comment at my entry at kmk1989 but what I was writing was not the fact that I was controlling a person or she was controlling me. I sometimes take things a little on the personal side but I am not mad at the commenter who wrote the comment because she had good points throughout her commoent and she is right about the fact that we should not judge others. I know, always have known, that we should not judge other people and their lifes – spiritually or personally – but I have been disappointed and my heart has been aching terribly because I don’t see this person attending church and this person is the very one who brought me to the Lord three years ago. HELP!