Passed Time Taking a Nap…

oh boy, this Spring Break is really getting me down. I am bored to death unless I am working on my BL assignment for next Monday or taking a nap to pass time, and/or cleaning my apartment. I have to keep myself busy. I don;t mean to be whining and being repeating myself, but boredom hasset in that the ticking of time is going by so “not so quickly”. Has anyone been in this “funk” before or can be at times? I am so glad that Spring Break is almost over.

Looking Back…

Here I am looking back at precious entries I first wrote when I started writing entries here at DD. Boy oh boy, I do have to admit that some entries look very very boring. LOL Even today my entries can be borning, can’t they? My life is not always filled with something to write about – another ordinary day – just another day that life passes with or without you.

Just Bored To Death

I am on Spring Break this week from school and I am now beginning to feel bored to death having no reason to get up and get ready for school. Honestly, I can not wait until next Monday when school resumes again. i am doing everything and everything possible to keep from being bored to death. In the meantime, as I am trying to get away from this boredom, I am working on my ADA project for Business Law, which is consuming some of my time, which helping some of the boredom thankfully.

More Later