Spring Break

It was not only but a couple of days ago I was dreading the idea of having to be on Spring Break for school this coming week but ever since yesterday, I am now looking forward to Spring Break. Strange, huh? Well, even though I am on Spring Break, I will be working on a project for Business Law and getting to some personal writing of my own all week next week weather permitting. So now I am looking forward to Spring Break…YEAH, Spring Break, here I come. Probab;y, in the middle of Spring Break, I will probably wish that there was school but then again that is my thinking bouncing back and forth again, LOL Oh my! So today, until March 25, Monday, will be my last day for a few days. WOW!

I personally think the reason why I was dreading the fact that I was going to have Spring Break vacation was because on Tuesday, which was a first time in a long time, I did not go to school because I had an appointment and was going to be home most of the day in my home instead of using my time affectively at school in front of the computer or studying. Hmmm? That is my opinion anyway. I hate being idle now a days…

I guess during Spring Break I can do some Spring cleaning. I have already begun that this week when I was home on Tuesday. I am, since I am at school four days a week, kind of lagging behind on my cleaning skills and housekeeping! Today, while waiting for my ride to arrive, I did a couple of things that involved cleaning my place. Now, as the day is getting older, I want to rearrange my living room and kitchen a little bit. Maybe I can ask my housekeeper if she can help me rearrange my living room but because of her size and the items being kind of heavy, we might not be able to do the rearranging of the living room and I might have to rely on my strong friend M.E.E.

Well, this is the longest I have written today and I do need to get going on other things. I am at school now and I would like to start my Business Law project before I procrastinate any further…LOL At least get a good start on it. I have about four hours.

Time Has Escaped Me Again!

Oh my, I wanted to get home yesterday and get on line for awhile but this kid fell asleep at 5 p.m. and slept until 6:30 p.m., and thought it was too late to get on line when I wanted to. It was unusually quiet in my home and around me. It was almost eerie but not spooky. I remember watching Judge Judy, which is one of my favorite programs to watch and the next thing I know it was 6:30 p.m. and Wheel of Fortune was coming on. I have a feeling that I fell asleep while watching Judge Judy but I can not remember actually. LOL