My Easter Sunday

Before I begin writing in my journal entry for the night, I would like to say that for a very long time now I have celebrated the Easter holidays with friends since my family have left the state to live in another state. I have been relying on friends and my church family to celebrate the holidays throughout the year as each holiday comes and passes on to another year. I am not saying that I had a terrible or not a nice Easter Sunday. I did have a very good Easter Sunday with my ex-roommate and family at my ex-roommate’s place. If I did not go over to her house, I would have had a boring, sleepy, and a sad day all day long at my own home siting alone watching television, playing or working on the computer here, reading, napping, and lazy day. I am glad, after my day has ended, that I got out of my apartment for the afternoon to early evening as sitting in an apartment with the same four ways you see every morning, noon, and night, can be quite a bore at times. It can be depressing!

I have, even though Easter baskets, Easter Egg hunts, bunnies, and colored eggs, have been only a memory, been considering Easter Sunday just another day except for the fact that Christ has risen from his tomb on the third day, after sundown on the seventh-day of the week. I no longer see the bunnies, baskest, and candy important anymore. I have a reminder, during Easter, and everyday, that Jesus Christ rose from the dead because he died for me on that Cross on that hill that very night for all my sins. The baskets, bunnies, colored aggs, and egg hunts are all memories embedded in my memory for as long as I am to remember them. Christ is the real reason for Easter, isn’t He?

My day was fine. As soon as I got done writing in my journal this morning the snow had stopped and was already beginning to melt, and by the time I had left to go to my friend’s place for Easter dinner, the snow was completely gone and the sun was out and the weather had warmed up a bit on this fine Sunday. LOL My friend G and I exchanged a little something between us this Easter evening. I had gotten a little basket with plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and other candies like jelly beans = what are they? Recieving this gift, I had the memories flood through my mind on the colored egg hunts and finding my Easter basket on Sunday morning. I even got a a little card with a bunny in it…on the card. I had given him a little container filled with unpopped popcorn for a healthy snack while he watches his basketball games or whatever he watches on television.

Well, it is time for me to go to bed. Emilee is telling me to get off my computer now by demanding attention and meowing impatiently, lol. I have school in the morning anyway. Good night.


Yikes, for March 31st, it is snowing! The winter fluff is falling right now and we have a white world – a cold one, too! Brrrr… We have had some real nice weather all winter long and now we are having snow in the early Spring. I just looked outdoors and the snow that was on the ground a while ago is now melting away. It must be warming up out there but it is still snowing out – that beautiful white stuff. I will be leaving in about an hour and a half to go my friend’s house for Easter dinner and then I will be coming back here to rearrange my apartment unless my friend M changes plans due to weather or time sinace it is Easter Sunday. Thank goodness the snow is melting!

Spring Cleaning Begins

I don’t know what got over me after I got home from school – especially after the fact that I did not leave school until after 4 p.m. I literally got sick and tired of all the stuff on my kitchen table and was getting sick and tired of having my computer sitting on a coffee table – and I moved it onto my kitchen table after moving everything off one table. I am – sooner or later this weekend – going to rearrange my livingroom. Right now my kitchen has a big space in it because I moved the garbage container behind the bathroom door and moved the kitchen table where my coffee table once had the computer on it. No more typing and reclining at the same time now…YEAH I was kind of getting a neck ache. Now I use my kitchen table as a computer desk and nothing will go on the “new” kitchen table computer desk except computer stuff. The monitor was the heaviest to lift as I have only one good arm to use and one weaker but yet usable. I had, carefully positioned myself with the lifting of the monitor and quickly turning around and putting the monitor on the table where I wanted it. After getting all the computer parts on the table = “new” deak. along with the printer, I removed the coffee table and had to scoot it into the bathroom for a short time before I took the rest of the junk off and tipped the coffee table sideways so I could take scoot into my bedroom temporarily. I am NOT going to keep it! It is out of here and anyone in the building can have it for FREE! It takes up too much room. I personally think that I have too much stuff in my apartment anyways and I am ready for a livingroom change. I have had the same look since I moved here five years ago! The look is getting kind of boring now…so boring. I have some nice things, though. My furniture is in good shape.

Well gang, since it is now that I have my computer in a different spot, I am actually sitting in a kitchen table chair and it is getting kind of late. This place has very thin walls and I don’t want to wake up the neighbor below me scooting my chair across the kitchen floor. I am going to have to change my hours a bit regarding the computer so I may not be on real late anymore unless I make an agreement with my downstairs neighbor because there are nights I am sleeping less and am sleepless. Good night for now

Happy Weekend and Easter

Tomorrow we do not have school as it is Good Friday and so I have a three day weekend. Anyway, I have never gone to school on a Friday as I find my Fridays a day off from the four day week of school, studying, and classes. I am, whether the weather permits it, I am going to have a good weekend again as my friend J is going to spend the night and it is her 24th birthday Saturday. J is such a nice girl and I am glad to have her as a friend, who I met at school at Blackhawk Technical College and we have a lot of things in common. In fact, I have not seen J so happy after she met my dear friend M.E.E. – now they are seeing each other and are girlfriend/boyfriend. Those two friends of mine, so much alike, are so happy that I have brought the together and they met. I did tell them that I was not “Miss Matchmaker” and they were going to meet and what goes on from there is out of my control but J says that I am Miss Matchmaker – SMILE.

Sunday is Easter and I don’t know what my plans are exactly even though I have been invited to two places – almost three, lol. Depending on the weather I plan to go to my friend Kathy’s to have dinner for Easter but if the weather does not cooperate, I am going to stay home and have dinner with my neighbor and her family as the invitation was open to me a week ago.

Well, tomorrow is my mom’s 58th birthday. I can not believe that time has gone by so quickly. Next Friday my dad will be 60! WOW!

Well, Everyone at DD, I would like to wish you all a happy weekend and Easter. I plan to be back later, if the weather permits and is cooperative, though. See you soon.

Look Out!!!

First of all, by looking at the time, I might have to end this entry abruptly and finish it later when I get home from school…who knows.

Why did I say look out? Well, I am in good spirits today and I am feeling a little anxious and kind of excited about things in general. Today was a good day all day long minusing the pulled muscle in my right leg in this equation. My leg, however, is feeling better but it still has a pull to it but I am walking faster and a little bit more normally instead of terribly slow like.

The “hot” water was turned off yesterday so today when I get home, I am going to do my laundry. Yes, it is about time! I planned to do my laundry on Monday but the “hot” water was to be turned off then so the plumbers could fix the problem(s) so I planned to do my laundry oon Tuesday but it turned out I dared not to, so tonight when I get home the laundry will be done – FINALLY! I am so ready to go home from school now. I have had my fill of school for today but my ride is not yet here, LOL – That is why I might have to leave abruptly while writing this entry but it looks like I will be able to finish my entry.

What is going on with me? I feel anxious and excited at the smae time and it is driving me crazy – that feeling of jumping up and running is on my mind and I am ready to get away.

Look out!

Good Morning

I am only here for a short while at this time but I will definitely find time to write later when I have a chance. I have to get to Business Law words and definitions shortly as my class begins at 11 a.m.. I do have to admit that I did not do my 10 minute talk on Monday because I could not stand on my leg very long because of the pulled muscle. I am going to do it today if my instructor has the time for me to do so. Today is not a bad day – for a start anyway. It sounds like I will be going home earlier today than usual because my ride might be able to leave early today. He has plans to be somewhere by a certain time. When I get home from school here I have to do my laundry as for the past two days I have put my laundry on hold because the plumbers were coming to fix the new water heater from whatever problems there were after they installed it. Well, good morning everyone. Good bye for now.


I was planning on doing my Business Law studying when i got home fromo school and rested up a bit. i had no problem starting my studying – writing the words and definitions in a word processor I use here at home and about half way through my word processor program decided to shut down on me and I had LOST everything that I have already began. It pays to save your homework on a floppy disk or on the hard drive so if that happens you can brng up what you have saved before the program or any program decides to shut down or be stubborn. Oh boy, having that happen was very frustrating but not the end of the world. After that incident, even though I shouldn’t have, closed the book with the thought “Oh great and I was just about done!”. At least I have two chapters done and on a disk at school and i can study at school when i get back in the morning before 9 a.m.. Computers are so funny sometimes but then they are man made machines and are used for almost everything now, but I sure do love this computer for both work and play.

I think that I will reopen my Business Law textbook and restart the words and definitions tomorrow now – yes tomoorrow.

Well, it is getting late and I better go now. Good night.

This Must Be One of Those Days…LOL

My my, what a day! It has been long and tiring but worth the day. IO was reading a comment, at another place and I just about went through the floor with what I was reading. I think, my opinion only, I was misunderstood by the reader who left the comment even though what she wrote was right. i deleted her comment because I felt it was more a private comment than a public one and I am not mad at this person for leavinig the comment, but I feel that I was misunderstood…which happens a lot because I do go in circles sometimes. I am kmk1989 here at DD as well because I have two journals to keep up – a spiritual one and then a personal/daily one here as ksmiley. I did ask for anyone to comment at my entry at kmk1989 but what I was writing was not the fact that I was controlling a person or she was controlling me. I sometimes take things a little on the personal side but I am not mad at the commenter who wrote the comment because she had good points throughout her commoent and she is right about the fact that we should not judge others. I know, always have known, that we should not judge other people and their lifes – spiritually or personally – but I have been disappointed and my heart has been aching terribly because I don’t see this person attending church and this person is the very one who brought me to the Lord three years ago. HELP!

A Quickie

I have been fairly busy that yesterday I wanted to open the books to study but I could not bring myself to do so when I got home. I was tired but not sleepy tired like I was a couple of weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago I was dehydrated a little bit that it was noticed by my blood counts for the month of March that I have done a regular basis because I am a kidney transplant recipient now fourteen years. I have decided that I will take the time to open my books to study tonight, since it is Tuesday and nothing is on television really until 8 p.m.. I am not going to reneg on my own word – TONIGHT I AM GOING TO OPEN MY BOOKS TO STUDY! In fact, I better get to starting my studying of Business Law now. I will write more later.

Back in the Swing of Things

The week of Spring Break is finally over! I am back at school now ready to return to classes. My leg is giving me some trouble – the pulled muscle is aching quite a bit right now, but I will be fine in the long run. I am glad to be back in the swing of things as far as school is concerned. Honestly, Spring Break was BORING except for the time my friend J had spent the night. That was the only time I was not bored. As I sit here, dreading the idea of school ending in May, I wonder what in the world I will be doing to keep myself from being bored to death in the summer when school is out for the summer. I do have a couple of trips to be looking forward to. I will be seeing my older brother in June and his family, and I plan to see my aunt in July during our birthday month. My birthday is July 3 and her birthday is July 9 or 11. I was going to go spend a few days with my aunt over Spring Break but plans were changed because she had only two days off of work and the weather has been iffy and unpredictable lately. Today the weather is cold but standable cold. In Madison, Wisconsin there is scattered flurries! The weather has definitely been unpredictable lately. I am just glad to be back in the swing of things even though I have said this plenty of times already, lol.

I am planning on doing my ten minute talk in Business Law today when class begins. I want to get it done and out of the way, and hopefully I don’t sound like a robot or talk to fast… – a robot, lol… naw, it would be more of the fact I will be talking too fast, :0) I have other things to do other than sit and wait to do my ten minute talk now. I need more time on other studies other than Economics and Business Law now that school is only two months away from ending!