I Had a Good Day

I can not deny that I had a good day. The only disappointment I had was the fact that I had gotten a battery for a watch and the watch did not work any longer. I got a new watch earlier tonight after dinner out with my friend M. I had gotten together with my friend M today for the afternoon and returned home about 7 p.m.. I had a great day on top of that because I was at school and I had figured out Economics as far as certain definitions, numbers, and mathematical equations. I am definitely finding myself wanting more and more to get into accounting.

What Can I Say?

Right now I am at school making sure that I get what I need done for both classes: Economics and Business Law. I am hoping to get together with one of the tutors regarding my Economics class. Everything seemed to click in place when I went to class yesterday but for some odd reason getting into the number thing of Economics is confusing me…it will get better I know. What can I say? Nothing much at the moment. I need to get down to business regarding my classes now.

More Later…