Many Thanks for the Comments: To Dear Diary Diarists

Even though I do not get a comment on every entry I write, I do want to say thank you for writing and posting a comment when someone does. Yes, I do find some of my diarist friends not writing as often as theey wish to because of time and I do have to admit that finding time is NOT always easy either. I feel I have made some friends here at and I myself enjoy being here. I have found a place to share my thoughts and feelings without being ridiculed or teased – something I have dealt with all of my life this far. Here I can take criticism from other writers here at Dear Diary. I feel that I did not find this place by accident almost a year ago now. Many thinks for writing and commenting my DD friends. Keep up the good work on your journals as well.


Hard to Concentrate!

I am siting here on my computer finding it hard to concentrate on my homework assignment that is due tomorrow. Honestly, I have had trouble concentrating before, but not this terrible! What I am finding out is the fact that I concentrate bettr on my homework when I am at school not home. This whole weekend I have found it difficult to concentrate on anything and everything very important to concentrate. It has been hard to concentrate. I can not wait until I get to school tomorrow so I can concentrate on my schoolwork. I know that tomorrow will be a better day – I won’t let anything get in the way of my concentration tomorrow. This has definitely been a fairly good weekend otherwise.