Anothe day Gone

Another day has come and gone. My company left about 7 p.m. and I have been home since. I am looking forward to, unless a friend calls me, a Sunday of relaxation and comfort. I felt spacey all day long…LOL My Saturday is now gone.

My Saturday

It will be fourty-five minutes before my company comes for dinner so I am going to take a few minutes to write something in my journal now before it gets late and I get too tired. I don’t usually write in my journal on a Saturday afternoon before sundown but I have noticed that my time has been a little congested and in need to find time to be with my friends. Even today, being gone this morning, I missed a friend’s call to get a bite to eat for lunch! I felt kind of disappointed at first but then again I had other plans that were more important and a need first. The disappointment did not last for very long. I have other plans tonight and I am looking foward dto it greatly, too. I have not seen one of my friends for a while. As far as my Saturday is going, yet not over, it is going great! I guess my week did end up just fine. I am glad I am keeping my head up no mater what happened. Keep smiling everyone…