Car Insurance…II

My friend is on a limited income so she would not be able to pay for more insurance for her passengers,. and her two boys who are on the insurance papers wouldn’t want me to get involved and disturb something that is not even my issue. I thought it sounded rediculous at first but I do understand this family. I would not know if she would pay for more to have passengers in her vehicle along with her. She is like me —- on a fixed incume.

More Than I Expected

Remember when I mentioned about the break up between my boyfriend and I? Well, on Thursday, the day after the break up did hit me kind of hard physically. I iwas tired all day long and running on empty most of the day. I felt like a fog hit me and Icould not get past the fog unless I was keeping myself going. I managed, yes, but I really felt tired before 7 p.m. and just could not keep ny eyes open. I am glad to know that Doug and I are just friends now but I do wonder how quickly he will find someone else. I remember my last break up before my boyfriend, I did not date anyone for ten months.

What on earth am I worried about my ex-boyfriend’s needs for a girl or no girl? I need to do what I have to/need to for ME! I may be 31 years of age and in want of some “things” in life is different from “needing” things in life. I am a student at a two year college trying to get a life that is very important to me. I have grown up in so many ways that I now know what is very very important to me and what needs to be done in life such as a job that I can do and be proud of. IK need to get my life established and stable and having a “boyfriend” is not the answer right now. I have been looking for “this and that” in life when it comes to things i don’t exactly need yet. It is nice to have a boyfriend, yes, but it is nice to have your own space to come home to after a hard, long, and exciting day. I have to be happy for ME?…