Feeling Human Again

Last week I got ill from something – something viral and I felt pretty icky. Today I feel human again and it is a good feeling. A real good feeling I admit. Now that I am on the road to recovery as far as my illness, I know I am taking it easy and eating the right foods that are not hard on my stomach. Ysterday, not realizing that I shouldn’t have eaten something in particular, after talking to someone, I hoped that I did not irritate my stomach and have problems again or a relapse. I can admit that feeling illis just a hinderance on everything that is around me and I hate being sick. i know that “HATE” is a strong word and it means to love less, but I can tell everyone that being ill is something I don’t love…that’s for sure – LOL

Today I feel like a human again…

Thank goodness!

Taking a Moment

As far as winter is concerned, it feels like a spring day today for the end of January. we have a little bit of snow but it is now gone and everything is green once again. What happened to winter? To me winter is half over now..isn’t it? Before long Spring will be here – at least I hope it will be. As gofy as this winter has been, I will not be surprised if it snows in April! Honestly, this winter has been strange in Wisconsin. WOW!

Today is Sunday – a day of relaxation and getting a few things done. My laundry for the week has been done and the table in the kitchen has been cleaned off and things have been put away and the counters were wiped off. Honestly, with my school schedule now, I have time only on Sundays to do what is needed to be done. I have to find time for everything outside my schooling and other activities. I am glad I have something done for the day – even some homework.

I need to go for now.