One Long Assignment Due

It seems, even though I like my classes very much at college, I have an assignment that looks a litle bit on the long side. LOL I will get through it, thankfully!! and on time!!! I have to read a former case and put all the information the instructor has asked, on paper which is three to four pages long. The part of the case I am reading is six pages long and i need to get the needed answers to the proper places. Businless Law is difficult but not impossible thank goodness! The assignment is due on Monday, too.

On top of this assignment, I am not feeling well – I have a viral of some kind and it draining me enough that concentrating is a wee-bit hard. Today is definitely not my day and I can not give it my 100% attention. My brain, LOL, feels like a piece of fuzz in places. LOL Now i am beginning to feel less confused and a littlel better with the viral “thing”

The Ickies & Guilt

I have been feeling good these past couple of days because of something viral and today I feel a little better – at least no fever. I feel guilty because I may have made someone mad and if it was me I do feel bad. The fact is not truly there or has been given so I am not blaming anyone but myself. What happened? I have no clue really – only speculatoon.